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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Doing "Wellness" Together?!

08/18/2016 03:34:07 PM

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At the height where suspensions were part of the wrestling game, the recent two items seemingly controversial at will.

While the suspension Ray Leppan (more known as Lex Kruger and Adam Rose) brought him out of the WWE, as well as the controversial shift of throne by Roman Reigns (whom got a suspension of his own after the Money In The Bank pay-per-view), and Brock Lesnar surprisingly getting away with it after his post-fight drug test with the UFC, it certainly raised eye brows when the company suspended Alberto Del Rio and Paige. 

Yes, with the latter getting hampered with the sanction in time for her birthday.

Both Del Rio and Paige committed their respective violations for the firm's wellness policy. Kinda ironic, if you put color into the news: Jose Rodriguez and Saraya-Jade Bevis were actually a couple off-the-wrestling scene. 

So, is there something these two really had done something bad recently? Like making a Slammy Award-winning moments in bed while on tour this SummerSlam season? Or are they taking dopes together? 

But sexual speculating puns aside, it's kinda hard to believe on the timing. In fact, the Norwich, England-native hasn't been wrestling since that RAW episode in June (against then-WWE Women's Champion Charlotte). 

There are even talks that it might be company politics. Rumors are circulating that the WWE's Executive Vice President for Talent Relations Paul Levesque – more known as Triple H – were against the Alberto-Paige relationship. Allegedly, he cites Del Rio as a very bad man for Paige. It's quite easy to say he's a perro if these hacks are made to believe everyone.

Switching gears now, it's still surprising to hear your hard-working talents get suspended just like that, while your part-timers were making cash – even wealthier than these two – despite getting busted on doping. And take note: the United States Anti-Doping Agency were the ones who took notice for that, and it involves not just WWE, but also UFC. Say, part-timers should also be treated like the casuals and regulars. 

This turnout has put them into the bad light, with a massive noise of bad-mouths and bashes from the members of the WWE universe. And that's just not a pretty sight at all.

Perhaps, Eric Bischoff was right when he said on his podcast. Tough ordeal. Mark Hunt is frustrated. And perhaps, the only way for the Vince McMahon to redeem themselves was to slate Lesnar into a loss, a feat that looks out-of-reach, considering the beast draws money by making shocking surprises since his return in 2012. (Well, mostly, until the ill-bookings his writers made early in this year.)

That way, the WWE could at least erase a part of the stigma called 'double-standard' from themselves.


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