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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Pre-Take: WWE SummerSlam 2016 (Part 2)

08/21/2016 11:45:09 PM

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Looks like the World Wrestling Entertainment has been really serious in building SummerSlam as its second biggest show of the year, eh? Look at this: 13 matches in all, with ten of them happening at the four-hour main broadcast. Three main event matches: one that has been hyped despite controversies, and two title matches representing RAW and SmackDown brands.

Hey, it's even bigger than WrestleMania 32. And expect the live venue crowd's not large in numbers since it will be slated at the Barclays Center though we hope they will roll on a different stage design unlike the so-totally-generic ones they had for the past two years.

Now we go to (at least, half) of the championship bouts for the main program. For over ten fights scheduled fights, every title was on the line, including that debuting WWE Universal Championship of Monday Night RAW.

Let's kick off this part with the tag team championships between The New Day and The Club. Looks like the ring-postitis doctors have been on the roll since the new era episode of RAW. They wreak havoc against the champs, and good thing The New Day stood out in the latter episodes before SummerSlam.

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The only question is that without Big E, will the New Day stood tall and become still the WWE Tag Team Champions? It's been a year since the title have switched hands, so I won't be surprised if The Club will be establishing dominance at the end. 

Hey, speaking of which, we'll never know (but might be possible) if Finn Balor suddenly shocked everyone by providing a sort of shenanigans during the match. Isn't that awesome?

There's no doubt that Lana have been plotting revenge against Roman Reigns; that being said, we Rusev might retain the title by disqualification. Unless Vince McMahon has different plans by making the Roman Empire tap out to the Bulgarian Brute. (Remember, the former WWE World Heavyweight champion lost both the title, the match, and 30 days of his career due to his first violation of the wellness policy.)

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But dishing out that punishment will be kinda too harsh and too much. For sure, Vince has always kept the former powerhouse at helm for being the prospect face of the company. So there's no way Roman will not end up victorious – and probably, do what Cena has done for the US title. And in case he will be the eventual winner by the time Monday Night RAW comes, defending the championship week after week will benefit him and the essence of the belt as well.

But before we go through that, Rock's cousin should prove his naysayers wrong. Finn Balo already earned him praises, so there's no question that he could improve and make everyone believe that he could indeed wrestle.

Hey, I believe this guy will be going long. Just let him have the proper grooming by winning this Sunday.

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I can see The Miz losing the Intercontinental Championship to Apollo Crews. Why not? It's a new era anyway and the former wrestler known as Uhaa Nation has what it takes to earn a belt. He was awesome doing things as the hell champ, but frankly that effectiveness makes me wanna say I have seen enough. This tour has to end at Brooklyn.

And forget about Maryse. 

Speaking of women, how about the WWE Championship match? I have a feeling that they will top teir previous 'bout that happened on RAW after Battleground. As simple as that.

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And Sasha Banks will also become successful in defending the title, too.

And I have also a gut feeling that Dana Brooke will interfere after the match, and Bayley will finally get her wish of going up to the main roster, neutralizing the odds in numbers game. 

Or maybe, the protege will be around, but will turn back on Charlotte; and maybe after praising cheering for Sasha, Brooke will unleash a Kevin Owens. After all, she could be really a monster.

Or wait, how about Nia Jax entering the post-match picture either? Damn, my imagination suddenly ran wild, eh? But not because of machsimo, but simply because storytelling-wise, Nia Jax was also poised to be next in line to establish dominance at the WWE Women's Division, so there's no doubt any baby-steps will take place at SummerSlam.

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