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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Pre-take: WWE SummerSlam 2016 (Pre-show)

08/21/2016 08:48:34 PM

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Looks like the World Wrestling Entertainment has been really serious in building SummerSlam as its second biggest show of the year, eh? Look at this: 13 matches in all, with ten of them happening at the four-hour main broadcast. Three main event matches: one that has been hyped despite controversies, and two title matches representing RAW and SmackDown brands.

Hey, it's even bigger than WrestleMania 32. And expect the live venue crowd's not large in numbers since it will be slated at the Barclays Center though we hope they will roll on a different stage design unlike the so-totally-generic ones they had for the past two years.

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Cesaro versus Sheamus from RAW may looked like a promising start. And that could help them get more people to get in for the pre-show, especially with Cesaro being groomed as one of its babyfaces thanks to the support of IWC. Unless the USA Network will show the entirety of the match, the first of best-of-seven series will be an exciting story to see.

And I think this time around, Sheamus will draw first blood. No way you could succumb yourself to three straight defeats, unless their writers will dictate that tale.

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This is interesting. A 12-man tag team match in behalf of SmackDown Live will give the pre-show watchers a fight for their money; and that also goes to RAW, too. It seems SD Live was really giving everyone a chance to prove themselves worthy to be a title contender for their division on the blue brand program.

That being said, anyone can win. So I'm fine not doing the handpick on this. But of course, in reality expect American Alpha to shine here, since they are groomed to be the front-runners of tag team division soon, along with The Vaudevillains.

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Sami Zayn and Neville versus The Dudley Boyz will seem another clash-of-difference segments. Talk about hardcore versus high-flyers, or veterans versus youngsters.

And there's no way Zayn and Neville couldn't get a victory and put up an awesome show for everyone. I actually foresee them ass a tag team even for a short span of time and they could even go against Jeri-KO soon. But of course, they were obviously placed on the pre-show to energized everyone as the main program looms closer. And it's a more-pressured job to do so.

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