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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Scene Around: Autotelic "Gising" Music Video Launch

08/13/2016 02:20:48 PM

It's #jeng #jengjengjeng #jengjengjengjengjeng time!

The stage was set at Route 196 on Thursday night, 4 August 2016, as the dance pop rock band Autotelic made its huge step to the pop scene after launching the music video for their first single “Gising.”

And before the big thing hits the screen, four bands took center-stage to kick off the night: Lions and Acrobats, TheSunManager, Sirens, and Tom's Story. 

The music video played first before the headlining artist took place. Directed by Paolo Ruiz, Gising MV is 10 minutes and 19 seconds long, displaying a short indie movie-vibe with a sort of romantic story taking place in between sets of performance act.

I must say MCA Music has done a great job of shaping these six-piece crew of musicians in taking their music to a higher level; exposing them into wider set of audience. Though the product was a bit messy, it clearly showed promise – that is to take Autotelic to the pinnacle of their success; something that the current wave of music fans could hope.

Another memorable night was written in their books. And in two months, expect the iyak-sayaw crew to make more noise as their Papunta, Pabalik album launch take place at B-Side at The Collective, Makati City.

On the side note, it was the first time I heard the rock band called Sirens, fronted by Josh Alipe (Yes, Gabby's brother; and frankly, they are now more look alike with the former sporting the bald). And that being said, I found another one to dig in my playlist.

Post-script: Shoutouts to my gig buddy during the evening, General Miss A, and also to Dan Labayo of IndieManila for hooking me up on their interview.

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