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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Flick Review: Sana Dati

09/15/2016 06:38:50 PM

Sana Dati, as filmmaker Jerrold Tarog describes, is the last of his Camera Trilogy project. That being said, Tarog could be earn a distinction of making a 3-set films over his directing career.

And why not? His passion for directing as well as video editing, writing, and musical scoring gives him the qualifications of doing so. Heard of a story of a failed romance embodied in a series of flashback devices, mere challenging of elements and humane feelings, and a very untypical conclusion? That's what he did right there. There may not have a totally-tragic ending, but it didn't end up like any of your typical rom-com flicks either. It was as realistic as it gets. As relate-able as it is.

This is where the question lies: Are you really willing to give up everything for love? Are you defiant enough to stand on your ground, with feelings swinging side by side like a bipolar? Would you give in to your heart even if it you're on the forbidden end? Or rather, will you go risk it all even if uncertainty will be slapping you head first to the ground?

At times where the likes of Jason Magbanua was the household name in wedding video coverage, Tarog cited his former chore as a tool in making this movie; with cinematographer Mackie Galvez helping to pain the picture and its emotional weight.

And for some who may think TJ Trinidad should be the evil guy with that businessman/former politican role being a stapled stereotype among the Filipino movies. But he was just a round character either. He showed his flaws like any other protagonists. 

“Sadly, you can't be public servant and politician at he same time.” may be a confusing line on the first read. But it looked more of a metaphoric imagery. And that round character has been part of the casting styles Tarrog has showcased in his projects (take Heneral Luna for example).

For some, it may be the best Jerrold Tarog movie to date – even way above than the mighty biopic that made him a household name in 2015. But I'll say expect more wonders from this guy soon.

Verdict: 8.4

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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