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Friday, September 02, 2016

Heel Mode!

08/18/2016 02:26:23 AM

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Seeing Conor McGregor waging a fight against the World Wrestling Entertainment might give you a first impression: This guy may have been talking too real here, but failed to realized the latter's superstars were doing it to entertain everyone, and not to do a total fight business like the firm where he belongs to, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

First and foremost, while both were the pinnacles of wrestling in different levels, WWE turned into a more theatrical version done very professionally, while UFC was the combination of the amateur wrestling, mixed martial arts, and boxing – combat sports, in general. So it's obvious to see the difference between pro wrestling and other sports, in general.

While guys like Sheamus, Roman Reigns, and even Kevin Owens (who seemingly broke kayfabe on confronting Reigns' grammatical error) took on to Twitter for their sets of ire-driven rebuttals against McGregor, I have a feeling both Conor and WWE will work on together for a cameo. Let's say making the upcoming WrestleMania a more star-studded event, especially with Big Show making his last match against Shaquille O'Neal.

Well, I hope the latter comes true. Why not? This guy have what it takes to make it to the E. He's a vicious striker and he has great mic skills; two aspects barely needed to make yourself a living character in the world of professional wrestling. 

And he has proven a lot of being a professionally-trained athlete – at the same time, a talkative celebrity. One of the notable examples is his performance against Jose Aldo at their UFC bout last December. His villainous character on-cam backed his once-in-a-lifetime 13-second knockout victory at the main event; making more noise than Milwaukee Bucks when they defeated the Golden State Warriors earlier that evening. 

Talk about being heel in reality, eh?

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