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Thursday, September 01, 2016

PlayBack: We Are Imaginary – Death To Romanticism

08/17/2016 01:32:49 PM

Death to Romanticism album cover (Photo credits: Facebook)
Talk about the goodness of fusing sounds of indie rock and pop, while retaining the same good vibrations infused inside (yes, amidst the varying emotions when you read it the most); and this isn't just an evolution of the band from their identity to the craft.

And out of eleven tracks, here are some notable tracks which caught my listening attention the most.

Pencil Me In stood out the most for me. Totally different – rather, improved – from the version they both have in that Jack Daniel's On Stage CD and their music video. More complexion, yet appearing with those more live vibrancy.

Sunny Where You Are here may have shown a bit of difference compared to their earlier version; retaining their alternative rock-ish self; but has more groovy kind, that could be attributed well to the works of its bass guitar.

Episodes turned out be another favorite for me, as this looked like a mixed sorts of allusion, metaphors, or something in related to figures of speech. Talk about having a bad day, shaking and switching it off, and aim for a different-yet-good one tomorrow. That gave my life somewhat a meaning – and I'm serious when I say this.

Escolta has shown promise, despite lacking a bit enough LSS factor. I kinda love how they make an intro out of those city-sounds. And the extro seemed fitting enough to end the show.

Same with Press Play; if you're not a fan of this band and yet you play this disc, either it wont make the album attractable to you at all or you have to take a time off to give them a chance (but I suggest the latter, because simply you have to hear them in all possible means).

Ask Me To Stay became my instant favorite; seems odd considering I find this song different during their live sets. (Or maybe that's just me?) Just the perfect kind of alt rock mix for me, with a bit of pop that is a surefire LSS hit for everyone. And frankly, I danced more to this one than on Dance.

Still, I highly recommend to check out ALL the songs comprised. Danger Sign and The Cruel Art of Subtlety may be a sleeper; while A Good Kind of Sad embeds some sort of chillout vibe (like perfect on a road sightings); and Dance and Overstatements shouldn't be left behind as for alternate explorations.

So that being said, Death To Romanticism comprised of exceptionally-good songwriting by Ahmad and Eric; just good productions on vocals and drums (and hey, Ahmad sounded with versatility, if you know what I mean). 

I would have to agree with Ling's Wins and Sins regarding the guitar tones. Maybe it's not bad if they were present all through out the songs (if not most), it just had made in a proper level of mix. Maybe a bit for the drums, but still bearable. That means the sound engineering paid off well.

Either way, Death To Romanticism should fall down as one of the best records released this year. If y'all fond of Autotelic's pre-iyak-sayaw era or Cheats and their high-intensity and vibe of positivity, this band is for you.

Good tunes for good vibes. 

Verdict: 8.3

Death of Romaticism is an 11-track album by We Are Imaginary, together with collaborations from Mary Whitney, Emerald Aquino, Joey Santos, John Paul Anareta, Nicholas Lazaro, and Raphael Pulgar. Launched 30 July 2016 and released independently through Wide Eyed Records

We Are Imaginary is Ahmad Soniel Tanji (lead vocals, guitars), Jovalene Mae Bugtong (bass, vocals),  Eric John Po (drums, vocals), Khalid Soniel Tanji (guitars, vocals).

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