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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mano-a-Mano With Paranoid City: Part 1 - Over The Years

09/15/2016 12:46:04 AM

Presently, one of the bands containing what has been a unique experimentation of music is this quartet known as Paranoid City. And for over seven years, despite having minimal reception in terms of numbers, it is safe to say this band is an achiever; from earning commercial endorsements to having overseas gigs.

And just when you thought Paranoid City has just done their biggest gig of the year, think again; this synth pop crew will rock South Korea as part of the musicians pool for this year's all-indie Zandari Festa.

Yours truly managed to catch up with the band after their set at OPM High Sagana last 10 September 2016 to talk about the out-of-country life and their upcoming international stint.

And first off the hat, we talk about how Paranoid City has been doing since starting seven years ago; on making it to Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur together with other bands – both international and fellow nationals.

SlickMaster: Paranoid City is a synth-pop band that was first formed in 2009. What are the things that took place for you guys since then?
Dax: After 2009, 2011 naglabas tayo ng album (Viewfinder Dreams). And then 2012, yung music video (Here We Are Here We Go). Kasi after nun dere-deretso yung tugtog eh. And then, We went to Bangkok for out first international gig.
8-Bit: That was November 17, 2012. For the CultureOne Outdoor Dance Music Festival. Under yun sa Popscene stage. We got that gig through a band named The Standards. They were an Thai-based band na may British members.
Dax: Tapos we went to Cebu on January 2013 for the Sonic Boom Sinulog Festival sa Waterfront Hotel.
8-Bit: Tapos yung next na is Singapore na. 2015 yun. Ang title nung gig is Rocking the Region sa Esplanade Outdoor Theater.

Paranoid City at Rocking The Region. Photo credits: Erick Batin, obtained through Facebook page
SlickMaster: Yun yata yung nakita ko sa cover photo mo eh.
8Bit: Mismo! We performed there for three straight nights. That was March 20, 21, and 22.
SlickMaster: Kabisado ah. Isang gig kada gabi?
8-Bit: Oo. Tapos it's a bi-annual event. Every ganun, may mga mapi-feature na mga banda from Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Eh noong 2015, Philippines yung nandun. So, to give you an idea...
4Track: We shared the stage with Brisom and Birdforms.
8-Bit: Yung isang banda ni Nick Lazaro. Tapos yung mga nakatugtog sa Rocking the Region, Ang Badang Shirley, Ciudad...
4Track: Urbandub, Typecast, Franco
8-Bit: Pero ano yun that's way before.
Dax: Then after nun, we met Nick. Naging close kami. A months went by, we were chosen by TFC.
8-Bit: They asked us to make a song muna. Tapos we made one, tapos nagustuhan ng ABS-CBN. So we go ahead and record it kila Nick Lazaro. But that's when we worked with him.

Screengrab from YouTube
The song, by the way, was pertaining to their Christmas single “Cold Hearts by December.” (as seen in the featured photo above)

Dax: And then after nun, June 2016, it was Malaysia and Singapore. Malaysia muna via good friend of ours, si Darren Teh from An Honest Mistake. We played in Petaling Jaya.
8-Bit: During that day, we had a mini-regional tour tour. The gig originated from Monx Moncayo of Requiem Rising in Singapore. So when we scored the gig that was November 2015 pa. Nung nalaman namin yun, our good friend namin from Malaysia (Darren Teh) also invited us, “Hey, don't you guys want to play in Kuala Lumpur as well?” Sabi namin, “Might not be possible. Kasi two countries yun, tapos may airfare.” Sabi niya, “No, you can take a four-hour ride bus from Malaysia to Singapore.” So okay, why not?

Also, part of their achievement was being a brand ambassador for Converse for about 1 ½ years. From their timeline, we moved to their pre-intercountry sojourn that started at the Queen City of the South. And mind you, folks, a simple good gesture could lead you to all other good stuff like having those gigs in the Southeast Asia, and even do collaborations with them.

For Part 2 of this interview series, Paranoid City will share the secret on making it to the international league. Plus some of their sojourn stories!

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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