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Saturday, September 03, 2016

PlayBack: Coeli feat. Miguel Guico - Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan

09/01/2016 12:43:22 PM

Some recent music videos released by the independent music artists have this kind of indie movie-vibe, fitting enough for the artistic side of culture to take notice.

And when such singer-songwriter and cellist like Coeli make such heart-warming music, with some visual accompaniment through the direction of Noah del Rosario, that speaks a lot. 

Magkaibigan o Magkaibigan, a track that features Miguel Guico (one-half of The Benjamins), is a very romantic track with mere emphasis through those strums and high vocal notes (by Coeli, of course) that made it look like a symbolism of skyrocketing emotions. And at least, not in a bad perspective. 

The song tackles the fears of either love itself or the act of loving again; a very relating tale for every romantic human being.

And that music video features nature-savvy aesthetics and classical vibrancy through the art of dancing. Not exactly the silent film-type but for at least six minutes and 46 seconds, despite bits of technical flaws, it clearly tell a story. I can also say it set the performance video in balance with everything in between and beyond. No wonder why Ling Wins and Sins could only utter holy shit for this.

Well-crafted work that is close to perfection. Might be too long for a mainstream release, but true blue music fans should dig this and realized there is more deeper than hearing pop songs that are blending well with disco funk nostalgia. 

This is the closest you can get if you are fan of the the likes of kundiman.

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