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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PlayBack: Paranoid City - Just Like The Movies

09/08/2016 03:36:42 PM

Is it just me or Paranoid City went on a bit different path? It looked quite when they unveiled their music video Just Like The Movies.

But I still appreciate how things went on for this synth pop quartet. Imagine them running shows all over Asia for the past year or so. 

And seems to me their latest single from their upcoming album seems not just a nostalgic resemblances of quests and conquests. It might be a sort of imagery of how this band has made this far. 

Or maybe that's just hot far my wild imagination goes on analyzing. Let's go a step back.

In Just Like The Movies, there were two kids watching a video-tape showcasing one of the most stories a lot us are very interested with – adventures. 

Not exactly the fairy tale type; but of course as a kid, who likes to walk long roads and save a person/s over a bunch of obstacles we know as monsters? That's partly-to-exactly why such type of video games are making damn big money (but let's not go there).

The first few scenes made you actually think like crush rom-com thing. But not at all. It segued more to fantasy adventure scenarios that looked more exposed than the performance video itself. 

I think the visual project suitable enough, especially with those lines at the chorus where words were intensified as the emotion of the rhythm. Talk about reminiscing. 

I was actually impressed when 4Track did most of the vocal chores this time; proving this band has more than number of voices to implement words with music. Hey, not all bands can live on that set-up unless you got numbers in the stage.

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