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Monday, September 12, 2016

Flick Review: Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa

09/07/2016 11:48:50 AM

Photo credit: My Movie World
When Nestor Abrogena considered Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa not part of the current rom-com crop, he was mostly right. The thing is, the current wave of romantic comedy films do comprised of one factor – angst, or in Filipino, that's what they called hugot. It just so happened that some went to the funnier side of life.

And after seeing the flick just over two months ago, Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa may not be a rom-com, but also, not just an typical romantic drama. It presented two major conflicts that still resulted into a bad case of forbidden love: for one, Isa was already in a relationship with the other guy; and two, it was a student-teacher relationship.

And frankly, it took me some time to realized it until seeing the last part wherein Isa submitted her manuscript with the title itself: The Story of Us That Never Was.

Now, talk about forbidden love in two sub-types: keeping it in secret, and with no officially label even for the two of you. Wow.

I used to think their soundtrack Walang Hanggan had told a bit different story – with heavier drama through scoring and editing. But either way, it falls to the similar hugot we know. Some lengthy shots may be dragging (from the LRT trips to the taxi ride home), but that displays something deeper suitable to tell its story; like sort of symbolism.

I guess AKND will fall down as the hugot film done with the twists of storytelling and even the adequate artistry.

Verdict: 7.7

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  1. Oh watched it? So it's worth watching? Wait. Is it still available for viewing? :(

    1. No idea. Unless the likes of Cinema '76 or Cinematechque Manila will screen it again. Not sure if they already had commercial screenings for this, too.


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