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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Scene Around: Farewell Fair Weather @ MONOCHAPOSIS (2015)

09/22/2016 04:00:06 AM

It's quite funny, I just managed to post this entry but it happened already a year ago. Not really coinciding with the birthday of this band's vocalist (or might run a bit late, since it's a throwback post).

Why did I say so? Because once upon a time, I was part of a band entourage. Well, at least for an evening. And it felt like those episodes of programs which tackles fan-meets-idol or star-interacts-with-fan for a day.

In over close to two years since I follow Farewell Fair Weather, this is something I am considering one of the special gigs I have ever seen as a fan; to think this band was now on the verge of undergoing a lot of circumstances, from changing their drum players, launched their music video, and by now they are on the process of putting up their first album. Somewhat interesting developments for the 2015 Jack Daniel's Chosen One.

It was during one of their lagare nights, 29 August 2015, when this soul fusion band was part of the multimedia art exhibit called MONOCHAPOSIS held at the Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery in 10a Alabama Street, Quezon City.

And maybe, for a while, it was a lucky break for me to maximize what I have been trying to do (my alternate hobby aside from writing) – that is taking photographs using this mobile camera.

Aside from taking these photo experiments, I think it was one of their better sets (with people actually stood up closer to the stage to hear them), to think they were also then-crossing coasts to down south for a gig by Revolver Productions. Something that you can see here.

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