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Sunday, October 16, 2016

10 Months of Botched Runs

10/11/2016 01:41:18 AM

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It was saddening that one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE only stayed for 10 months; much to everyone's disdain.

Seriously, this guy named Alberto Del Rio was having a steady run as a heel in August 2014 when a backstage altercation prompted the World Wrestling Entertainment to oust him out of the company. He spent some time in the AAA and Ring of Honor before an eventual resettlement sent him back to the WWE. All that despite having issues in no-complete clause earlier.

It was during October 2015, at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view in Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, when John Cena's US Open Challenge came to a screeching halt when Zeb Colter interrupted the then United States Champion (and 15-time World Champion) John Cena to introduce Del Rio in what has been one of the top shocking comeback moments of the year. Of course, what's the essence of having a WWE return without a returning win?

Del Rio became a two-time United States Championship-holder for almost three months; with only a day (or three, as televised) separating his reigns when Kalisto threw a proverbial upset again him in one of their title matches. The feud eventually shifted when the small-sized luchador came up with a big win in their US Title rematch at the Royal Rumble; and it ended at Fastlane when Kalisto retained the title in a 2-out-of-3 falls match.

He also had a brief feud with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger as a bit of connectivity from being a Mexamerican to League of Nations. Looks like the transition had its formality, but was a bummer either.

In the process, the League of Nations were introduced; the faction was supposed to be a dominant faction as similar to the likes of The SHIELD and The Wyatt Family, but was instead just a foil antagonists to potential top dog Roman Reigns. But the stable wasn't really effective after five months.

And frankly, aside from Kalisto, New Day (as a member of League of Nations) and even John Cena, Del Rio never had big-time feud in the company; he never even had a main event push as the Money in the Bank Ladder match wasn't classified as one in the same-titled event.

Plus, his publicized relationship with Paige hurt both of them more. Just when you thought these guys were steady, the promotion suspended both of them (thought not in the same exact time) in violating their wellness policy for 30 days. Ouch. That hurts even more after their split of assignment during the WWE Draft.

I just hope this will not affect their relationship outside, now with Alberto Rodriguez dismissing the Del Rio name and wrestling under the name Alberto El Patron in the indies. And just as of writing time, Paige meted with a much harsher punishment: a suspension lasting 60 days. Ouch.

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