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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pulling the Punches

10/14/16 07:34:34 PM

I just want to put up a quick rundown on this fight, since one of my friends are apparently spoiling me out (just kidding, Gab!) during that online conversation we have last Sunday morning. And i'm talking about Michael Bisping going successful in his first title defense against Dan Henderson in UFC 204.

Luckily, I managed to catch the action on its first encore telecast a few hours later on a local TV channel. Much to some fury of reactions over the internet; claiming it was a cooking show (by which I actually injected a pun).

But looking at it, I had few thoughts in mind: Henderson was good at first, and he was damn effective in making strikes; but inflicting a swollen and bloodied face to his opponent, the UFC Middleweight Champion, just minutes after the start of the contest.

However, it made me feel like Henderson was actually outscored by his opponent. While he dominated first round, it wasn't a secret that in the succeeding rounds, Bisping just went aggressive. His strikes during the succeeding rounds were at least in dominating fashion, especially round 3. Thus, the reason why he wound up with that ugly front right there.

That being said, his aggressiveness paid off with an unanmous decision (a pair of 48-47 and 49-46 scores from the judges).

And the champ must be lucky that he got away with those groin kicks. No matter how accidental as it looks – and how the announcers may have perceived it, he should've been awarded a warning at his  first mistake. 

Or maybe, that will draw the ire of the Manchester crowd?

I don't know. Henderson may have said the last “shots fired” words of the night right there; but I guess it all boils down on sports science that involved effective statistical figures – in short, scoring. That's "The Count" right there.

However, it is unfortunate the champion of this division will not be seeing action six months from now as he is recovering from an eye laceration he suffered during this contest.

Ugh. Not pretty at all. Get well soon!

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