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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Pre-take: WWE Hell In A Cell 2016

10/29/2016 01:29:50 AM

Photo credits: Den of Geek
Basically, I shouldn't been doing PPV predictions since I end up having pre-takes for the RAW-exclusive events instead of both (largely, thanks to the cable channel since they have only those stuffs available).

But anyway, since one of my smarky friends swore allegiance to satisfy my cravings for professional wrestling... okay, might as well do this shit.

Hell is coming once again, and this time it was all red and exclusive as WWE's Monday Night RAW will be staging three matches inside the pay-per-view event we all liked to call Hell in a Cell.

And it will be a fiery one that Daniel Bryan couldn't help but to diss: three of the five championship matches will be contested inside this 20-foot high steel-made cube that is even hotter than those oven toasters. You know what I'm saying?

Kicking off the PPV will be a six-man tag team match between five cruiserweights and Sin Cara. Say, do we really need to talk which team will win this? Seems the cruiserweights aren't even been given much ample story to take here.

Okay, I might just been missing a lot; but I'd rather expect the team of Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara emerged at the top versus Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari.

Bayley versus Dana Brooke in one of the two women's division match for the evening. While these two are getting on the nerves of each other the past few weeks, I can sense the heel girl here getting the victory. Well, Dana need them the most. After all, what's the essence of having Charlotte's pet/protege if you'll gonna lose in a PPV gig?

Unless they want to stage Bayley as their next face aside from Sasha Banks that easily, but that might seem to be another rushed sequence, just turned a bit favorable in their end because she was a crowd favorite since NXT.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass versus The Club in what should be an entertaining tag team match. But I'm seeing The Club getting the victory here. Which makes me think: why either of these two aren't been tag team champions by now? They should've dethroned The New Day a long time ago! Speaking of which..

Will it be awkward if we will be seeing Cesaro and Sheamus as the new tag team champs? Heck, they're entertaining to be shoving each other's arms like Hell No. But seriously, when will be the time to see a New Day as just the trio that still rock everyone even without the RAW tag team belts?

As much as I am a fan of TJ Perkins (PH represent!), I'm seeing THE Brian Kendrick completing his career renaissance. Unless they are just programmed to have a similar to 2010's Miz-Daniel Bryan feud but real-development. Talk about school.

Okay, maybe TJ will still be Crusierweight Champion after their match, and one contender emerged from the ranks, and poof... the tale for their division is now at full-bloom.

Okay, we got the triple-main event cards here, and this might sound confusing. This time, I recalled why Stan Sy was right when he answered my question “Why there's only one hell in a cell match in this PPV? There should've been all contested inside HIAC.”

Well, having more than two (or even one) HIAC matches might lose the essence of it. And that being said, Daniel Bryan's diss on Talking Smack had enough validity for him to laugh on this. Usually HIAC matches lasted from 17-30 minutes, and barely 3-5 minutes from lifting them from the ground. But moreover, the quality of the storylines could be compromised

But anyway, let's move on instead of ranting.

Roman Reigns was having a solid feud with Rusev, and this should be a fitting culmination. However, this should've been placed at first since it will only make another Vince-shoving-it-on-our-throats experiment if they placed it last.

And no way Rusev will be getting away of Hell in a Cell with the US title. Heck, it should be for Roman anyway. That being said, the ending was already pre-marked, and expect two random wrestlers to break the shitty cycle and set a feud by the RAW aftermath.

Kevin Owens will be fighting Seth Rollins for his WWE Universal Championship in another Hell in a Cell match, and there's no question that KO will still be running his own show. I quite wonder how will the interaction with him and Chris Jericho turn out soon (like hopefully, a break-up).

Seriously, give Y2J a chance to be a championship-guy. There's no other guy out there who could be poised as a threat to Owens and his championship run. Heck, not even Reigns, pals.

And this should be the main event of Hell in a Cell? Perhaps. After all, it is Sasha Bank's hometown. And her winning over Charlotte should pave the way for other competitors in the thin RAW women's division. Say, Nia Jax and Bayley?

Unless a swing of title reigns are on the verge of unfolding another chapter. And that might seem exciting season for RAW. At least that will keep them alive for competing with SmackDown Live.

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