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Friday, October 07, 2016

The Scene Around: Autotelic "Papunta Pabalik" Album Launch

10/06/2016 03:07:26 PM

Almost two years ago, when I first hear them live in a gig at Route 196, I already had made a prophecy in mind. This band will be the next big thing in the pop music scene soon. (At least, if not right now.)

And with a music market and an anniversary gig happening around Makati City, these dudes will ne the standout for the evening. And why not? It's true enough.

It was a night to remember last Saturday at B-Side at The Collective as MCA Music presents the Autotelic's Papunta Pabalik album launch.
I must say the event lived up to its hype, with fans piling up nearly outside The Collective barely hours before the gig itself.

The event started shortly after 8 PM, with Ellie Centeno hosting it. First performer on stage is Ang Bandang Shirley, the 13-year old alternative pop band whose a force to reckon recently with their feels-driven hits. And with the advent of #hugot in one side of the mainstream pop culture? It's not surprising they got a massive fanbase right now, making them as one of the popular music-makers in the process.

Next in line were Jensen and The Flips, another heavyweight shit in the scene right now. And hey, Jensen Gomez isn't just a rockstar by face, because his song-making skills – together with the seven-man crew – has been tearing numerous houses down just like what they did at B-Side. They could unleash serious emotional tracks with a bit of wackiness in between.

MilesExperience performed halfway through the program. And it was the very usual one, just with the right venue for a mammoth crowd of cult followers. I always notice them to reach a wider audience, especially among the young females, certainly because these gentlemen right there were poised to do so. So don't be surprised if these folks will hit the mainstream shores soon. Heck, talk about a boy band, literally. 

This night was actually the first time to head SUD once again (after a very long time), with this time they are doing more than just sexy grooves embodies in their soul recordings under their first album. This time, though, they were really rocking hard and big-time with their newest music video (from one of their old songs) called How We Play.

And they were literally at their best that night, with fans chanting more en route to Profanities. I must say SUD's set will not be a complete one if not for two songs, aside from the always-romantic Sila.

And this is it. The six-piece band was expected to play a longer-than-usual set since they were headlining the event. And after around eight songs, fans wanted more than just walking out with emotions after Josh, Kai, Neil, Gep, Pabs and EJ played Laro. Well, true enough; they end up playing all of their ten songs from their album, sending everyone inside B-Side into an hour of frenzy. One fan also managed to get lucky and jam with the band in performing their very first written song Misteryoso.

The program finished shortly after midnight. But after their set – and the entire gig itself, fans who bought the album were also treated for a meet-and-greets session. At least, not bad at all for a debut big night as part of the major label. 

So another milestone night is at the books for 2016, especially joining other bigwigs Mayonnaise and Bandwagon in staging a big night feel at Makati City, proving that music here in the country lives on.

That being said, I guess whatever prejudgments I had in mind for these six, turned out to be right.

P.S. Shout outs to Gabriel Diaz of Gigs Manila as I represented the media startup in covering this event. You can also check out the website for all the news regarding the local and international music scene!

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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