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Friday, October 07, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE Clash of Champions

10/07/2016 12:52:09 AM

WWE Monday Night RAW unleashed their first brand-only PPV of the new era, and despite the complications of the SmackDown having their own championships, the evening was still called Clash of Champions where all of the five RAW Championship will be contested.

The event kicked off with a quick match between Alicia Fox and Nia Jax. And there's nothing really surprising about the latter getting a victory here. She's been in squash matches a lot of times since RAW unveiled their new era, and Alicia Fox just made it a bit linger by inflicting her opponent with the physical strength. I guess, we're just witnessing how Nia Jax has been developed.

Kicking off the main program was the WWE Tag Team Championship math between The New Day and the team of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. As much as they were more intense, the match was shorter for a big-time championship title. Not really a good one, even if the New Day got a rehash of Franchesca 2.0 yet again. 

TJ Perkins became successful in defending his WWE Cruiserweight Championship against THE Brian Kendrick. And I expect this is just the first wrath of the rivalry, considering the Fil-AM Flash as the top gun in the division today, while Kendrick on the other hand is making him work with this story. Would this means switching hands soon? I don't think so. Maybe someone out there will replace TJP as the title-holder soon.

Cesaro faced Sheamus in what should've been a decider in their best-of-7 rivalry. But with no result as its ending? I think this story would still continue soon. And I think it's quite unpopular, but this is a new chapter in them here in the new era. Just hope future developments will never be put into waste as despite the very disappointing outcome, they have put one of the best matches of the evening. They were like two champions battling for one championship.

Somehow, Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho had put up a best match of their own, but it didn't top well for me compared to the contest earlier. 

The fifth match saw Charlotte winning her WWE Women's Championship match against Sasha Bankd and Bayley. Though it really looked like a fatal-four way with Dana Brooke at ringside – but of course, the protege did not attack the mentor. She was just a collaboration to the collateral damage. 

Charlotte finishing with a big foot somehow looked her cred in questionable to finish fights. Like really? This isn't even a squash match unless they make it appear like Sheamus and his Brogue Kick.

And the only title change that took place during the evening was Roman Reigns winning the United States Championship over Rusev – with Lana getting tossed out of the arena for interfering twice. I guess they will really make Roman look strong though on a slower pace and time. Not a bad decision this time around. 

Perhaps the next thing Roman Reigns should be doing is to defend it more frequently against mid-card to main eventers of RAW. That should rebuild his street cred as a top wrestler here in the WWE.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens had put on a show. Despite the shenanigans in the latter part of the match, there was a clear-cut storytelling: The Prizefighter has been hand-picked, and Seth Rollins – despite sustaining a rib injury – got a taste of his own medicine for screwing up his protege side. And somewhat, his face turn was so effective.

Clash of Champions wasn't really a bad show. But still can't topple Backlash for the competition. Their next PPV should better deliver well – and it's called Hell in a Cell.

Verdict: 7

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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