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Thursday, November 24, 2016

PlayBack: Sponge Cola - SINAG

10/11/2016 01:52:09 AM

Rock band Sponge Cola released a supposed-to-be one album, but it turned out to be a split into a dual EP records, with SINAG taking the upper half.

Well, Sinag (ray) speaks up to a sunnier side of life, which is meant for happy thoughts. Thus, that explains why SINAG contains five upbeat songs, including Pag-Ibig and the nostaligic-sounding Butterflies.

Sponge Cola's first half of this SINAG/TALA EP series is a good one for easy-listening; at least, for seeking inspirational moments in a very random timing. And that includes your “crush” there. The lyrics in four of the five songs were fitting enough to describe your infatuating feeling.

Verdict: 7.7

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