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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

PlayBack: Yuletide Blends (album)

12/26/2016 05:49:06 PM

Since Christmas here in the Philippines runs from September to early January, it has been said that Christmas songs are very rampant; it is virtually present around every medium from traditional (radio and television) to the new ones (mobile and Internet). Musicians from their respective ages and genres do their respective covers in their own ways and means. 

While original albums like the vintage Christmas In Our Hearts do make a share of living, it is undeniable that a lot of singers belt their own cuts of those timeless holiday hits like Mariah Carey two decades ago (All I Want For Christmas Is You, O Holy Night).

That being said, here we segue to what has R & C Infinity Entertainment has been offering to everyone, dampening the spirit of holidays in what has been a grueling 2016 (well, so far). 

Yuletide Blends is a compilation album comprised of eight Christmas songs – all but one were renditions – sang by seven of their pool of talents. And it is done in their respective sound preferences.

First off the charts is Ralph Padoernos' cover of popular carol Winter Wonderland; and talk about a slow jazzy start as if there is winter here in the house. The pace slowly picks up – and setting the tone of this record in most way possible.

When you hear Richard Supat sing, it gives some a resemblance of those gospel pop singers (like Josh Groban, perhaps). His rendition of O Holy Night could be a recommended example for that: intense (yet spirit-lifting) vocal ranges in a mostly calm spiritual track.

Sarah Caballero and her rendition of Grown-up Christmas List suits well in her age. Don't get me wrong; I don't say it in a negative way of “age.” It is slow yet the sincerity of its sentiment exists; making the song as lovely by execution.

The cover of Giedie Laroco for Merry Christmas Darling is quite different from the sweet original Karen Carpenter; but certainly experimental finds its age for this young pop singer, especially with touches of electric-hop lying somewhere in this song.

This edition of The Christmas Song by Garrett Bolden, Jr. looked average on subtlety, but quite enough to dig with; slow-pop with touches of jazz and rhythm & blues. And heck, this is one crooner who doesn't really need to belt too high even if the music calls to. 

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas is another timely song especially for the busiest people in this world. But also probably the most notable one as Phoebe Salvatierra sang this on a duet with one of the notable icons in acoustic music Nyoy Volante. This track, though had made quirks in transition, will keep you laid-back while you're up for the holiday version of daily grind.

Chocolate Factory performed two songs in this album. First in the list were this popular carol penned by Irving Berlin. But even if there's no White Christmas here in the Philippines; bet you can dream for one here with their grooves which could be strong and joyful in a such medium-paced pop-reggae song.

And capping off Yuletide Trends is the original track Christmas Day; probably different from the previous seven songs – fast, joyful, totally warm, and probably the highest of them all with the calmed vocals of Anthony Demesa carrying the shoulders for the effort of this sound. 

Saved that for a stormy Christmas days, here is the record that you will surely like – as if there's a hot cup of coffee to these breezy cold times. Underrated yet recommended.

Verdict: 8

Yuletide Blends is available in your favorite record bars and digital platforms. Produced by R & C Infinity Entertainment Management and distributed through Be Original Entertainment.

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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