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Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE Survivor Series 2016

12/04/2016 04:18:11 PM

Survivor Series has come big time as the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) celebrated the 30th year of the event's existence with three Survivor Series matches between the brands RAW and SmackDown Live.

The main program began with the ladies of both shows engaging to a fight against each other in a 5-on-5 Survivor Series match. And perhaps SD Women's team captain Nikki Bella's sudden crash paved way for the hometown lady/coach Natalya to take her spot. Well-written, I suppose, to turn herself into a sort of player-coach.

The match made Nia Jax more noticeable than anyone else (or maybe that's just me). And frankly, the aftermatch scuffle between RAW survivors Charlotte and Bayley has made a solid material for the latter to be the top face of RAW's women division for the next few months or so. And why not?

At least Stephanie McMahon's idea of Women's Evolution has paid dividends anew.

Verdict: 7.9

I think The Miz winning the Intercontinental Championship over Dolph Ziggler was a right decision if they want the IC title to stick in the blue brand. After all, Ziggler wasn't as Heel Ziggler as he was before. Certainly his character fell flat during his feud with Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam. And the A-lister, as despicable as he is – together with his bitchy wife – had been doing an excellent job as villains of the show.

That being said, the Intercontinental Championship match held at Survivor Series between The Miz (with Maryse) and Sami Zayn was close to perfection. Though we could  only wish they gave the title to Zayn. However, perhaps with the number of titles held in both show held in balance, I think it was a business decision to keep the white-and-gold to SmackDown (After all, why no one booked Roman Reigns to defend his US Title versus and competitor, right?).

Verdict: 8.9

The 10-on-10 Survivor Series match between RAW and SmackDown Live could have been done better if they shoved each other's throats from the gates. Seriously, that's more entertaining considering all members will be involved for like a few minutes of scuffles and suicide dives.

There is a clear-cut between who's who – and which team among the two was obvious dominant. Team RAW literally rocked everyone with their smooth-talkers and rough-elbow droppers. Team SmackDown, on the other hand, played like average Joes; and perhaps that speaks for their identity as the underdogs of the WWE at present.

And apparently, nothing really significant when Breezango was thrown out of the picture easily. But definitely, The New Day being eliminated spelled proverbial upset. Just not enough to contain the entire red team as the unlikely tandem of Cesaro and Sheamus has overthrown any chances with critically-acclaimed favorites The Usos and crowd darlings Heath Slater and Rhyno.

Say, that builds another page in the book of these European duo.

Verdict: 8.6

The Cruiserweight Championship match was sorry but a meh. I mean, Brian Kendrick was at his usual villanous self and Kalisto was the underdog. But they appeared  just like any ordinary match – just with a bits of awesomeness simply because the cruiserweight division comprised of this lightweight fellas who could cruise harder than the heavyweights, plus the promising gold in calling the shots from Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves.

But the ending fell flatter than flat when Baron Corbin attacked both competitors. Well, simply because he had a rivalry with Kalisto. However, this appears to be just a cookie-bite of a long-term storyline for the lone wolf (maybe groomed as another demolition soloist).

Verdict: 8.0

The traditional 5-on-5 survivor series match for the men's division was nothing but dope. There were a lot of spot fest despite Shane McMahon at helm on SmackDown. Hey, I thought this step was made in behalf of John Cena's absence from the squared circle.

James Ellsworth's heroic deed on Braun Strowman perhaps was the most hilarious of them all. The sudden SHIELD (temporarily) reunion against AJ Styles was another top “holy shit” moment. And heck, even that wicked spear McMahon took from Roman Reigns (BOOOOO!) counts as one. The finish gave me a resemblance of Elimination Chamber event in 2014 where it was only Reigns who left standing on his team while the Wyatt Family ganged and eventually beat the heck out of him.

What's more surprising, though is Randy Orton saved his teammate and let himself crash on another spear. Talk about being a sacrificial lamb. Frankly, we have seen three spears and four RKOs (including that one beautiful killer that sent Seth Rollins back to the locker room). And even if the segment lasted for 50 minutes, it wasn't dragging unlike any other matches that exceeded 30 minutes this year.

Verdict: 9.1

Sure, people will argue how the Beast Incarnate was weakened after this squash match with Bill Goldberg. It was an obvious sign: the devastation continues.

Though there were business talks that made both people feud until next year (and will probably be paid by bigger money), this has made the title story of Survivor Series this year in perfection – fantasy warfare just got real. And whether we all like it or not, this has gained WWE more publicity and drove people away from their expectations. Yes, even if it sounds unconvincing.

So if people will gonna rant about the outcome of the main event, I'll say “Nah, things just got right, fellas. Expect Brock to bounce back at the Alamodome!” And I'm about story-telling here.

Verdict: 8.4

Survivor Series didn't disappoint us at all. While controversy reigned once again at the end, the program blended well with NXT Take Over Toronto. At least, no other show toppled each other unlike before – and that's good news if you're a programming executive there.

The Verdict: 8/10

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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