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Saturday, December 03, 2016

The Scene Around: Who Is Wasted Wendy?

10/24/2016 06:29:49 PM

One question: Who is Wasted Wendy? That question was answered on Thursday, 20 October 2016, at SaGuijo Bar in Makati City as We Are The Underdogs Productions staged their seventh installment of the WAT UP Mix series.

Kodigo kicked off WAT UP Mix Vol. 7, then followed by Carousel Casualties – who had a big-named gig of their own the evening after; then Dissonance, AOUIE, Paranoid City came after before Wasted Wendy hit the stage. And Picking Daisies capped everything up; making everyone feel like the young wild kids rocking out loud (well, not the YOLO way though).

Some here, such as the first band was totally new to me, though, as WAT UP has been introducing more new bands since the recent gigs. Thus, it gives everyone a fair chance of playing time in the gig scene, and at the same time, be discovered by music enthusiasts. AOUIE just proved that there are lot of instrumentalists in the scene right now. They're just one of them, aside from Tom's Story, Sound Architects, tide/edit, Mind Money Circuit, Earthmover, etc. (And some of them could even be seen at the gigs of Seismos.)

As I said earlier, the Carousel Casualties set has been a preview of their then-upcoming RESET and RESTART, a celebration of changes in their music, and at the same time their one year of existence in the industry.

This has been also the first gig of Paranoid City since their breakaway tour in Zandari Festa earlier this month. And it was totally warm and rocking reception from the audience. Talk about a hero's welcome staged at the midnight hour.

There's a reason why Dissonance exists; and they aren't just the Raven of Buzzard-like peeps out there. They are promising, in fact

Hearing Picking Daisies as the third “first-hear” artists for me in the evening as ruckus as fuck. They just sent the kids packing to pandemonium. And to think the last performer just hit the stage by just 1:00 AM.

And I guess, at the end of the evening, a lot of us already knew who the hell is Wasted Wendy, right? Certainly, it wasn't just a bunch of punk rockers. They were good, and they had a lot of promise and perhaps improvements to show soon. Meantime, they just had the night of their respective lives so far.

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