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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Visioning A New Strain

12/06/2016 04:41:27 AM

Photo by Roxanne Nebres
After one and a half decade in the stratosphere of Pinoy rock, band frontman Gabby Alipe has taken on a different challenge just like the rockstars came before him – being a solo artist. Barely a year after Urbandub went on hiatus, Alipe hit the notes once again – much apart from managing talents in Nemesis Music Group and focusing on his family as well – by releasing an all-new material, a six-track EP titled A New Strain.

“Sixteen years after I began my journey, here I am embarking on a different challenge as a solo artist. It's definitely a big adjustment,” Alipe said. 

Being a solo act gave Alipe more creative freedom. However, he admitted it was never an easy road for him, considering his years with Urbandub wherein he had other people fend off his ideas.

“The recording process was a lot scarier this time. I did everything alone for the first time. At first, there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty. I wasn't sure whether I could come up with songs I would be proud of,” Alipe said as he described the experience. “My music is different now because I don't have any of my bandmates.”

He further considers his producer a 'bandmate' during those tough times. 

“My producer Eric Perlas, really helped me focus. And after that, everything went smoothly. I owe a lot to him,” he added. “Eric had a big role in the creation of this EP.”

Aside from Perlas. Alipe had an array of collaborators during the recording process of his songs. For Paalam and Demons, the singer-songwriter worked with bassist Buddy Zabala and drummer Raimund Marasigan, two people he considered “music heroes.” He also teamed up with rappers Gloc-9 and Pain-In-The-Neck for the remix edition of Ether.

The photograph behind Alipe's album cover. Photographerd by Roxanne Nebres
Apart from the transition from a somewhat-team player to soloist, Alipe decides to call his EP A New Strain because 'it's something new.' He explained, “It's more organic––I employed a simpler approach on it, compared to all the stuff I did with Urbandub.” 

Alipe further added, “As a singer-songwriter, for this EP, I want to challenge myself musically. I want to step out of my comfort zone and come up with a collection of songs that would best describe my current mindset, highlight my personal preferences in music, and importantly, have a good message.” 

His claimed his new EP a collection of personal stories and thoughts as a musician and person. And he is hopeful to share it with people with them.

A New Strain is bannered by the lead single Visions, a song depicting positivity. “It (Visions) is about being positive in the face of whatever struggles you encounter. It's about how a person has potential and can achieve anything as long as they believe in themselves and not let fear control them.”

Apart from Visions, Alipe tells the various stories of each track. Ether is about “being lost and trying to find your way.” Demons is about putting negativity aside. Ocean is like a romantic prophecy; “an expression of love.” And lastly, Paalam, the only Filipino-written track and sung, is “about letting go of the past in a positive way.”

That being said, the Urbandub frontman is hopeful that fans will embrace A New Strain just like their previous works as a band.

“I hope they'll be able to relate to what they say in these songs,” Alipe said. “I hope they take something positive away from this EP. I will always be grateful to all the Urbandub fans, but I hope they continue their journey with me. At the same time, I want to gain new listeners as well.”

Gabby Alipe's six-track EP titled A New Strain is available at Astroplus and Astrovision outlets nationwide for only 250 pesos.

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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