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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flick Review: Oro

01/07/2017 05:33:50 PM

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It was gritty as it gets. Alvin Yapan's ORO was just one of the eight entries for the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival. And apart from bagging some of the awards, the film was that gritty it also met controversy.

Well, setting that dog scene aside, I think the narrative was well-conveyed. It wasn't telling the tale of a massacre in Gata, Caramoan, Camarines Sur, and everything prior to that matter. Oro is also a reflection of how people can forcibly manipulate another folks because of the differences in intelligence between civilizations, as well as the powerful politics, the circulating issue of environmental awareness, and business aspect – the livelihood of a community that depends on a somewhat illegal and compromising activity to nature.

And that is where one tough aspect of life relies on.

Somewhat, the experimental film worked well despite one controversial scene which triggered a massive wave of raves and rants from the viewing public. The tilted frames were as nerve-wracking as their arrays of plot twists. The ensemble of characters were so freaking effective to make anyone believe in the cause of the story; and we're talking the entire set here from the main to the supporting ones, both protagonists and antagonists did their job very well – especially for the latter part where at one point I want to kick their ass somewhere in the theater (hey, just kidding!).

But seriously, upon talking to one of them after the movie, makes me realized how people can rob everyone at the expense of ignorance; just one thing I learned from Oro. That's apart from how people can go just to make a living on their own as individual and members of family.

No questions asked: Irma Adlawan deserved her win as Best Actress during the festival's awards night. Her portrayal of Kapitana (barangay captain) has captivated a lot of us – a total standout. Talk about fitting the role of a strong leader perfectly; regardless if you include the term 'women empowerment' or otherwise.

Again, Oro was an almost perfect film – except for one blatant flaw that was exposed recently. They could have been the better representation of the entire country right now. 

Verdict: 8.1

Oro is a biopic about the Gata 4 Masssacre at Camarines Sur in 2014. It stars Irma Adlawan, Joem Bason, Mercedes Cabral, Sandino Martin, Sue Prado, Biboy Ramirez, Cedrick Castillo, and Timothy Juan. Produced by Mark Shandii Bacolod, Wimpy Fuentebella, and Feliz Guerrero. Written and directed by Alvin Yapan. This movie is a production of Feliz Film Productions; released by Solar Pictures. The movie competed at the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival and won two** awards in three nominations.

**Their third award, Fernando Poe Jr. Memorial Award, was withdrawn following the controversy over one of the scenes in the movie.

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