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Monday, January 02, 2017


12/25/2016 11:21:15 PM

Photo credits: The Urban Twist
In the world of sports television broadcasting where the are legendary notable icons like Dick Stockton, Dick Motta, Kevin Harlan, and Marv Albert, there were people who were manning inside each huddle like Cherryl Miller, Ahmad Rashad, David Aldridge, and this include the famous, the stylish, and now... the late Craig Sager.

TNT's NBA courtside reporter passed away at 65 years old, after battling cancer. Apart from his reportorial tasks in TNT, Sager was also an eye candy for his fashionable suits and ties during their weekly games in Turner's premier television network. He is also a former reporter in various sporting events from college basketball to professional baseball and football to even international duties as part of the US national team for over four decades. Oftentimes he was hailed for being a one-man crew during his early years, a tireless journo.

And certainly, his loss was another painful one for the basketball world – probably just a bit worse than seeing your favorite 90s players Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant retire from playing.

But losing a life is more than just anything else. Cancer – specifically acute myeloid leukemia – has been a problem for Sager and his family for years. Just when a lot of us thought the sickness went into remission, it was only March this year when the big C word struck him back again and gave him only three to six months to live without medication. In other words, it doesn't really matter if you're rich and famous. The sickness is so fatal from the get-go – the moment you hear the news from diagnosis. It could dampen one's spirit and weaken 'til you go paralyzed – both mind and heart.

I commend Sager form being so strong, though. The hashtag #SagerStrong certainly deserved to earn the credit from those times til his passing. While the whole basketball world mourns on his demise, I can only pay a salute while saying “rest in peace.” NBA TV coverage wouldn't be the same without him at the huddling helm. 

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