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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Getting Back on Philippine Wresting Fandom

02/26/2017 11:55:49 AM

Before I put on my short take on PWR Bagong Yugto for The SlickMaster's Files, let me give you a brief look back on getting back to the local wrestling scene.

It was barely seventeen months ago (or rather eighteen, since it's already late February when I wrote this shit) since the last time I have seen a Manila-based wrestling show. It took place at Makati Cinema Square where around 400 people spent an evening witnessing the matches of the first PWR Wrevolution X, with Jake De Leon and Bombay Suarez slugging it out for the inaugural PWR Championship match. 

The senyorito had won it, but one of their former wrestlers wrecked the party and become the champion; and a quite unfortunate path for then-backstage developments that screwed the promotion for some time during the following year.

Wrevo X has also put a supposedly-ending chapter for Chris Panzer and Ken Warren – in a submission contest. The show also had frames of John Sebastian, Scarlet, Fighters 4 Hire, Beer Promdi, and even the rebelling Brannigan army lingering somewhere in my limbic system.

Now, let's back to January 2017. PWR staging their new show in place of Terminus might be odd like another CHR station that had a good run but went into an eventual reformation. Sure it's easy to argue if you're not an avid wrestling fan like yours truly. 

But you might understand why it has to be that way once you hear that random episode of Smark Gilas Pilipinas podcast where Jake De Leon and Rederick Mahaba fronted the wrestling firm in throwing massive pipebombs against ousted workers Classical Bryan Leo and Bruno Bernardino regarding financial and training shenanigans. Hey, that wasn't even supposed to be part of the plot.

By the looks, Bagong Yugto was supposed to be an “all-new” wrestling show, right? Then that probably speaks why there are rebirths that took place during that Sunday evening at Katipunan. Take Bombay Suarez – and his flaming chop – as an example. A spot on the preshow might looked like he's too ripe to be put there; but don't fret quickly – that was just the beginning spark of PWR's resurgence.

Eight shows have taken place, and some of the results may not favor us all. But still entertaining to see both parties out on the show while wrestling the heck out of each other – and probably lured the attention of some WWE officials on them during the night. 

Hey, I quite enjoyed Crystal vs. Idol and that tag team match between Madrigal-Sinnysk and the Punkdolls.

And the main event may have ended in disqualification and (as Smark Henry quoted) the Apocalypse failed to get the memo, but this could bud into another championship rivalry swerve come Path of Gold event (which, by the way, will happen in less than two hours as of this writing). 

And despite having only like 150-200ish in attendance, it was still the loud and proud crowd for the show; no dead gaps for most of the time, be it on the heckler's row or not.

So that being said, Bagong Yugto lived up to its expectations despite seeming similar occurrences in the past. Their story just continued and gained the rejuvenation fuel they badly needed en route to a  better PWR.

Besides, “under new management” has taken its toll, and it's (sorry, CBL) for all your own good.

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