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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Rundown Slam: WWE Fastlane 2017

03/28/2017 09:53:12 PM

Photo credit: 411Mania
In all fairness, WWE Fastlane lived up to their name. 

Have you seen the championship battle between Kevin Owens and Goldberg? That was fast, alright. That was too believable, either. And I know it's kinda saddening to see the longest Universal championship reign came to an abrupt end, thanks to a former best friend's presence and the instant pace of the returning part-timer. This apparently looked like how The Rock ended CM Punk's historic 434-day reign as the WWE Champion.

I get it. Reigns stood above the monster among men once again. But now what? What's next – and we mean is there anything believable than this guy? The poor writing made his character tarnished from what Vince should be directing into.

Bayley proved, though, that Charlotte is a Queen of PPV no more. So she is the 1 in 16-1. LOL! And Sasha Banks would most likely to sneak up a win against the gigantic-yet-always perilous Nia Jax. If she hadn't get the job done at the Royal Rumble, then it's no surprise on why does the match was moved to the kickoff show. No one would probably likes to see the boss getting a bad case of humiliation by some other Goliath.

And Samoa Joe would of course, get his first PPV victory – just like (almost) anyone else in WWE. Who likes to witness a loss in their debut match in special occasion, right?

But other than that, Fastlane is probably one of RAW's last gasp to keep up with SmackDown Live for the brand race to supremacy come The Ultimate Thrill Ride. And sadly, they were still lagged behind.

The Verdict: 7.1

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