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Sunday, April 09, 2017

The Rundown Slam: WrestleMania 33 (Part 1)

04/09/2017 08:36:32 PM

At least, save the lack of enough hype for this, WrestleMania 33 will probably fall down as one of the most talked-about WrestleManias of all-time. The biggest event was staged at Orlando once again since WM24, and just five years in the Florida state since WrestleMania 28 in Miami. And it was dragging as fuck with seven hours and nearly fifteen minutes in coverage. 

But the party at least lived up to the expectations – well, half of them.

First off, we got the Crusierweight Championship match between challenger Austin Aries and champion Neville. And in a broad daylight, this match has paved the pace of the evening with a lot of spot fest. It just so happened that Neville retained his title after raking the eye of Aries; disarraying a vision to what should've been a Mania moment for the returning superstar.

Still, the Red Arrow was a thing of beauty. That probably speaks why. And don't expect this feud will come to an end soon. They are carrying the CW division for quite some time now and that said, others have to step up and make the title picture not just revolving around these two men.

Verdict: 9.1

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale wasn't really a spectacular showing. Sure, they have 37 men who competed here, but this one is simply like a non-bearing game compared to their past renditions. It was fun, though, that at least someone got Gronked and Mojo stay hyped to win this gauntlet battle.

And the grand Big Show and Braun Strowman confrontation could only end up somewhere in the RAW episodes.

Verdict: 6.9

It might seem that the Intercontinental Championship was placed at the kickoff show as a response to a previous move that involves the match for the SmackDown Women's Championship. And frankly, it's understandable why the decision to move was made. That's aside from the fact that this feud – which may lure to their extremities – but remained lackluster.

It's obvious that Corbin did not get a win and Amrbsoe retains. But that is probably just the start of Dean's downfall as IC champ.

Verdict: 6.0

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