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Saturday, May 05, 2018

The Rundown Slam: NXT TakeOver New Orleans

05/01/2018 03:05:45 PM

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There's a reason why NXT TakeOver specials has been topping those WWE weekend offerings for long, especially after seeing a long-and-dragging WrestleMania 34 come to a close.

Why not? Triple H's baby has been offering nothing but the best that is yet to come. They're not the so-called “future of WWE” for nothing. And whatever they lacked on the opening billboard makes up with a live performance of the event's theme with a monatage of performers set for action that evening. It's hard to be critical (and even not to be one) of NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, even if ROH: SuperCard also took place in the same city.

The Smoothie King Center was jampacked, and this developmental brand can bring more friends that both RAW and SmackDown tapings. That's for sure.

Shayna Blazer and Aleister Black has cemented their status: they indeed take over the NXT. Adam Cole was definitely the hardest worker in the house pulling off a double duty and Roderick Strong joining the Undisputed Era was the stealer after turning back on Pete Dunne for two biggest prizes (the NXT Championshop and the trophy for the Dustin Rhodes Tag Team Classic). Sucks that they weren't at the stage or no one did the formal awarding of the accolades, though. However, this showed that a new faction has taken over.

But Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa were definitely the stars of the night, and their unsanctioned match has been a hands-down candidate for match of the year. The storytelling and their in-ring chemsitry was at its finest. Johnny Wrestling proved why he belong here after a series of losses (and I think this will be the path Vince has been buiilding for his top guy Roman Reigns soon).

The creative people were geniuses for making the villanous Ciampa enter the ring without his music. Hey, that let the crowd throw all the fury of chants onto him. Not even a drubbing of the bass drum can top the angry NXT Universe who probably want to get a piece of him.

Just hope this will not be dragging if they decide to extend this long-time feud, though.

The Veridct: 9.3/10

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