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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Upcoming: PWR LIVE: Shake, Rassle & Roll

10/13/2018 03:57:16 PM

It may sound like it was inspired from a famous movie franchise, but Philippine Wrestling Revolution's upcoming event, Shake, Rassle & Roll, promises to deliver some fearless rasslin' in time for the Halloween season!

And not only PWR is set to deliver a series of calibrated stories and matches, but also encourages everyone to suit up with the best wrestling-themed Halloween costume for a chance to take home exclusive prizes and goodies!

Headlining the event is the PWR Championship match between Ralph Imabayashi and Mike Madrigal, a triple threat match for the PHX Championship between Jake De Leon, Ken Warren, and Chris Panzer, plus QUATRO cross paths with Emman “The Kid” from Malaysia Pro-Wrestling (MyPW).

Imabayashi has been the holding the throne of being Kampeon Ng Pilipinas for seven months, but he has yet to face the biggest and scariest challenger in the form of Madrigal. The former Philippine Hybrid X Champion is known for his uncanny trash-talking abilities that backs up his unbelievable strength in the ring.

De Leon, The current Philippine Excellence Champion, is set to battle two formidable foes in his second title defense. Just minutes after disposing Tengu in a grueling contest of might, guts, and technicality, Ken Warren immediately put himself in the picture but Chris Panzer also threw himself into the frey, eventually getting a hold of the PHX Championship belt. Both received superkicks from The Senyorito during the last PWR event.

It's the battle between the power of science and the power of friendship as The End Game challenges the Naughty Boys for the tag team golds. Known best for showing their prowess as a newly-formed super-villain group during PWR pre-shows, Jan Evander and Super Vintendo previously destroyed Bolt and the Revo Ranger before calling out Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux, current PWR Tag Team Champions and lay out the challenge for the said prize.

The second duo-versus-duo match in PWR LIVE: Shake, Rassle & Roll features Mr. Sy's Group (MSG) versus the team of Camus and Kapitan Tutan. Two boys from the Naughty Boys faction is the explosive tandem who dishes out moves that are effective against anyone who stands in their way. But don't sleep on MSG's talents: Main Maxx and SANDATA; their sheer size, brute strength, and technical abilities, make them standout in PWR by far.

Another championship takes place in the PWR LIVE: Shake, Rassle & Roll, and it's between the inaugural and the current All Out War Champions. Alexander Belmonte III may have risen beyond his financially stable self and has become the Warlord of sorts, but he has yet to face the monstorus oppponent in the first-ever AOW champion, The Apocalypse. Can the usual feearless and defiant ABIII be able to overcome the dangerous foe who now aims to take back what was once his title?

Another singles action set for this coming PWR Live event is Rederick “Mainstreaam” Mahaba vs. Vlad Sinysk, two competitors aiming to bounce back from their respective losses during their showing last September. Mahaba lost to Belmonte in the promotion's first-ever Baking Pan Match for the All Out War Championship; while Sinnsyk was defeated by Madrigal, his former tag team partner on a grudge match.

It has been a current trend in Philippine wrestling landscape to see guys from other promotions – local and abroad – cross paths against each other in the squared circle. This time, though, Malaysia's golden boy challenges PWR's Light Bringer QUATRO, who came off nearly close to win the PWR Championship in his last outing. Yes, almost that close to bag home the country's top wrestling, had had it not been for the referee’s reversal of the 3-count after seeing Imabayashi’s foot under the ropes at the end of their match.

As if two tag team matches are enough, the third 2-on-2 bout features YOLO Twins and the KakaiBors, with the latter's member missing since PWR Live; Homefront. It was during the said event when Mh4rckie went missing and his partner (read as “fartner”) Kh3ndrick went sikc and worried. After days of searching, Kh3ndrick  receives an anonymous video tipping the YOLO Twins caught beating the life out of Mh4rckie and stuffing him into Logan and Yohann's sedan trunk before driving off in a hurry. However, the YOLO Twins denied the claims even if they were caught on tape and held responsible for the disappearance of his “brother from mother another” in the process.

Capping the lineup is the singles contest between John Sebastian and Martivo. Sebastian has been able to regain his own after defeating Manila Wrestling Federation's Robin Sane during the last PWR event in which his ownership was put at stake. Meanwhile, the Man-Doll is on the roll after defeating PWR's international-calibrated wrestlers Chirs Panzer and SANDATA. Will the promotion's rainbow flag bearer reigned supreme once again this October, or will he bow down to the country's wrestling lord and savior?

PWR LIVE: Shake, Rassle & Roll takes place this Sunday, 21 October 2018, at the 500 Shaw Events Pavillion in Shaw Boulevard, Manadaluyong City. Tickets are now available via the following:

1. ONLINE via where you can get your tickets via  a handful of payment options — including credit card payments and 7-Eleven kiosk transactions and sparing you from the hassles in the process.

2. OFFLINE through our ticket partners Kramer: Toy Warden, Tavern at the Crossroads, and Pauline’s Printing.

3. BY RESERVATION by sending a message to the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's  Facebook page or an e-mail to

Ticket prices are as follows.
- Earlybird Tickets (until October 20th) - P350 each
- Barkada Bundle (until October 20th) - P999 for three (3) tickets
- Regular Tickets (October 21st, at the venue) - P400 each

And expect this Halloween show be filled by NO TRICKS, and JUST HARD HITS. Show starts at 2:00 PM.

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