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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Syd Hartha releases the empowering anthem "Ayaw"

06/21/2019 08:03:48 PM

At the height of sexual harassment issues and call-out culture, one upcoming young singer-songwriter affirms her stand for a fight against sexual harassment and abuses towards women, no matter how toxic it may sound to some. 

Known for her intricate folk-pop sketches and disarming vocals, Syd Hartha penned “ayaw,” a social commentary track that puts emphasis on the importance of consent as if it is a thin line between yes and no. 

"It is undeniable that sexual harassment continues to be a prevalent issue that we face today," said Syd Hartha. "I feel for the victims of catcalling and rape, and understand how hard it is to talk about their experience. As a musician who some people look up to, I know I have to use my voice in behalf of all the victims and survivors. This inspired me to write ayaw."

Ayaw is Syd Hartha's most sonically adventurous release to date: an excursion to a more bluesy territory, a more organic vibe that gives her personality the spunk and edges it needs. 

Syd Hartha may be 17 years old, but her recent lyrical work proved how mature she is not just as an artist, but also a person. 

Ayaw is Syd Hartha's third single – and first since as a recording artist under Sony Music Philippines. This track can now be streamed and downloaded on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes store and Deezer.

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