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Thursday, July 04, 2019

Barbie Almalbis launches TIGRE, her first EP in 5 years

07/03/2019 11:26:46 PM

Singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis, launched a 3-track EP titled TIGRE.  

In a launching party that took place at 12 Monkeys Music Hall in Pasig City,  Almalbis formally had her major record launch since My New Heart in 2014. In the same evening, the singer-songwriter took the stage alongside Orange & Lemons, Autotelic, Aia De Leon, Rocksteddy, and bird

Inside this record comprises of the title track, along with other songs Cover and Ghost. It's quite funny that Tigre, which Barbie co-wrote with her husband, Martin Honasan, is about the family cat, Vernie.

Almalbis initially mused, “I never liked cats before. I used to be so scared of them” But eventually, family life does make changes a lot on every person, and so it took effect on this singer-songwriter. “It wasn't really my choice. My daughter wanted a cat, and my sister-in-law gladly gave hers. Nung una, takot ako sa kanya, then I realized later na sobrang lambing niya.  She's like a big part of our house. Naging cat people na kami at nakagawa kami ng song ukol sa kanya.” 

But all personal stories aside, Tigre can be a song about unrequited love. “It can be a song about loving a person who can be so mean,” explained Almalbis.

Ghost is about Almalbis' faith journey. “It's about growing in God, and getting to know how His spirit is moving my life through the years.” Cover is initially a surprise song intended for her bandmate.

Barbie Almlabis' latest release is just the first of a bunch of new works. Following this 3-track EP, she is now working on 5 more tracks and is set to release an album soon.

Despite releasing only a few number of songs, TIGRE is a project that has been 5-years-in-the-making. It was then a struggle for the legendary Hungry Young Poets frontwoman to come up with new songs.

“We were busy with gigs, and at the same time, I can't seem to figure out what I want when I write songs. Then there was one time wherein two years worth of song ideas – files and voice memos were deleted from my phone,” quipped  Almalbis. “But it's okay because I don't seem the feel of letting them out as another craft. I kept on writing songs until last year, I figured out the songs I intend to publish, and it has been keeping on going until I penned 7 or 8 tracks already, but we will be releasing three today. Hopefully, the remainder will follow on an upcoming album soon.”

The singer-songwriter cited some differences between her previous EP to present. “One is collaboration. Second, I hope I'm still growing as an artist, on juggling between experimenting and having quality control – on which songs are worthy to share.” shared Almalbis. “Hindi bara-bara sa pag-sala.”

TIGRE is Barbie's fourth studio album and it was released under 12 Stone Records, a record label whom she had been affiliated for about 1 ½ decades. This, perhaps, is a solid testament of how solid her trust is with manger Tommy Tanchanco.

“12 Stone is the best! I've known Tommy since 1997 and has been my manager since the time I started going solo. He's always pro-artist and pro-creativity. He just pushed me to write original songs, and once I submitted them to him, he'll do the marketing,” Almalbis said of Tanchanco.

Barbie Almalbis' TIGRE is also made possible by Tower Of Doom. The EP has been out on all streaming and digital platforms since 28 June 2019.

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