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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Melody Road brings video game and Anime tunes to life with grandeur and in time for the Holidays!

10/14/2019 09:47:52 PM

It is undeniable that Japanese Culture has become one of the beacons of today's pop culture in the country. For years, we have seen the emergence of Anime shows and Manga comics as part of anyone's childhood era.

Especially in the latter decades of the 20th century where anime shows (in the likes of Sailor Moon, Flame of Recca, Lupin III, and even Yu Yu Hakushu) became primetime programs for both yesterday's kids and today's kids-at-heart. These shows did not only become their venue for visual imagination and nostalgia, but also part of their videoke selection.

That being said, Melody Road 2019, this holiday's must-see concert for anime and video game fans, is set to hit another note beginning November 10. Following the success of its sold-out show last year, but this time, on a bigger stage Рwith a binary of iconic showcases: an Anim̩ showcase and a Video Game showcase.

Music Director Frances Fernando said that video game and animé music is a type of contemporary classical music that should be given its due focus.

Melody Road 2019: Anime and Video Game Concert is performed by a chamber orchestra, Radical Dreeemers, a collective of premium musicians who pride themselves as fans of anime and video games as well. The name Radical Dreemers is derived from the video game preceding Chrono Cross (Radical Dreamers) where the protagonist was a musician. Meanwhile, the concert title Melody Road gives homage to the famous Melody Roads in Japan, where instead of rumble strips, the highway is designed to play music as you drive by them, coincidentally some of the “melodies” feature scores from anime as well.

Fernando personally requested permission from the original composers to perform the arrangements live and it was met with overwhelmingly positive responses. Some of the titles included for the Anime Showcase are Pokemon, Your Name, Attack on Titan, Lupin III, Sailor Moon, Spirited Away, and Evangelion. On the other hand, names for the Video Game Showcase include Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Suikoden 2, and Harvest Moon.

What's more is that the concert is partnering with local video game and anime communities, brands, and merchants in keeping with the holiday season of celebration!

Melody Road is taking place on two show dates of 10 November 2019 (Anime Showcase) and 8 December 2019 (Video Game Showcase) at The Axon in Green Sun Hotel, Don Chino Roces Avene, Makati City.

Tickets are available at by visiting their website. Stay tuned by following Melody Road on their social media pages and RSVP to their event page here.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Edicute, Inc., a non-profit community of volunteers dedicated to providing education to the indigenous tribes of Mindoro.

This event is made possible by independent play.

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