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Friday, January 31, 2020

Info Tech security budgets lower than average --Kaspersky IT Security Calculator

01/21/2020 01:20:11 PM

Global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has recently released a report that involves the budget of Information Technology (IT) Security among small, medium, and large enterprises.

The statistics from the Kaspersky IT Security Calculator says 45% of SMBs and 50% of enterprises have allocated their respective IT budgets below the average spend — which is $205k for small and medium and $8m for enterprise businesses. This revelation came despite cybersecurity spending is growing year-on-year with almost 9% growth in 2019, according to the Gartner report.

Knowing how much money is spent on IT security across the industry allows companies to understand where they are in the market, to compare their budget with other players and even improve planning. That said, one of Kaspersky's free web tool called IT Security Calculator helps businesses receive these insights. It lets IT security managers can view the average budget for cybersecurity in their region and industry and compare this to budgets in their organization.  Aside from that, it displays threat statistics and recommended protection.

Globally, IT security budgets are demonstrating positive dynamics: as a number of analyst reports show, they continue to grow year on year. Kaspersky’s own survey of almost five thousand organizations across the world confirms this trend with 70% of respondents showing they expect their IT security budget to increase in the next three years.

However, statistics from the usage of the Kaspersky IT Security Calculator in October 2018- 2019 revealed that some businesses are not keeping up with this trend, as their IT security spending is even lower than average. This is seen in 45% of calculations for SMBs and 50% for enterprise users of the tool.

Overall, budgets for SMBs were reviewed more actively (46%) than for enterprises (38%) and very small companies (16%). For small and medium businesses the budget issue can be even more complicated: it’s not only about money but also about the alignment of the budget planning process. It can be challenging because of demands on human resources and expertise in relevant cybersecurity risks and protection methods for different business services.

“Budget planning is a very important process for companies as proper investments ensure a company is ready to meet current cybersecurity challenges and threats. Though it may be a complex task which demands a good understanding of business needs towards cybersecurity, how to address them and how much it can cost,” sad Sergey Martsynkyan, Head of B2B Product Marketing, Kaspersky.  “We at Kaspersky try to give organizations insights to help them with this process. Along with the report on IT security economics, we prepare annually, the IT Security Calculator gives a glance at average cybersecurity spending, as well as specific threats and advice on protection measures.”

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