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Thursday, February 06, 2020

69 Filipino songs that rocked my life in 2010s (Part 4)

01/30/2020 08:42:56 PM

It's a shame that it took me two months to finish this personal project. I initially had this in mind since late November and worked on the draft by mid-December. Anyway, here it goes...

Ten years ago, I tried coming up with a list of my favorite songs of the decade here in this blog. Unfortunately, I ended up shelving it as I got more busy with college studies and post-disaster recovery.

Ten years later, here I am compiling the nices bunch among the decade full of best local music. There we saw a shock pop turning things around, as well as one notable act putting up an all-English album, a plethora of emerging bands in the mid-2010s, and a former frontman standing on his own. 

Shock Pop was Tanya Markova's game during the early 2010s, and they have gone full-blown experimental pop since. One of the results is this sweet-tune that fits perfectly for road trips off the album Mister Tililing in 2016.

Too bad, they didn't release Lagalag as a single.

Never in my life would I imagine Mayonnaise releasing an all-English album. You Can't Be Right has been a raging ode. FiveEver, on the other hand, is a pledge anthem. Hopeless sounds like a cry for belongingness.

Meanwhile, Live Your Life is something you might be hearing when you're down at 3:00 AM – or at least to calm you further as you hit the sack and hope for another day to come and be different than the previous. Yup, despite being an uptempo kind.

I have to say this: Laro, is probably the late-2016 edition of a typical hugot pop song that was brilliantly written. This toppled Misteryoso as my most-heard Autotelic song by then. It was a happy-sounding song that depicts the emotional roller-coaster ride. Yup, life is such a game, fellas.

34. Kagulo (Sandwich)

It was chaos. Literally. Do I need to say more?

When at the end of the day, if all we can see, hear and feel are nothing but our tired heads. It's probably another day – or another 'episode.' A chilling track that serves as a nightcap. or one for the after-hours.

36. Liwanag (Kai Honasan)

Kai Honasan may be just another member of Team Kawayan and the first sidekick to Josh Villena in Autotelic, but she did well as a soloist. The song Liwanag even made it as the official soundtrack to the movie Lakbay2Love in 2016. Her ukulele-dominated sound can be relaxing to the ears, especially when backed by her sweet-sounding vocals.

I once stumbled on a Jack Daniel's compilation CD in 2015. It has all the tracks that made it as part of their Indie Music support program, including the ones from Autotelic, Flying Ipis, and Farewell Fair Weather. Interesting, however, is The Strangeness with Easy Girls and Easy Boys, the ones subjected to 'easy relationship,' if you know what I mean.

The music video, though, is a piece of art. Forget Wide Eyed Records copying the usual karaoke video style and format like those Jose Mari Chan songs on minus one. Nostalgic vibes.

Some people rocked to Flats, Safety, and Madison. Others would even relate to Black Mirror after hearing a single called San Junipero.

However, there was one song from Carousel Casualties, that rocked my life the most. Off the debut EP Madison, Bright Red Lights has the illuminating vibe of garage rock that suits best on the after hours.

Don't blame Gabby Alipe for writing Filipino songs for already too late in his career. Hey, at least, he tried, and it worked at some point.

Paalam may not be a single released through A New Strain EP. But it showcased what the Cebuano singer-songwriter is capable of by these post-Urbandub days.

The emotion was still there; it's just the sound that has gone different and experimental.

Sunny Where You Are and Pencil Me In may be everyone's instant favorites from We Are Imaginary's album Death To Romanticism.

But sometimes, all I need is to let go of ourselves and dance.

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