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Sunday, February 02, 2020

The Rundown Slam: PWR Mabuhay Ang Wrestling

01/31/2020 05:16:26 PM

Philippine Wrestling Revolution continues its hottest run ongoing as they staged their first show in two months.  

The event saw several championship matches – including two from the international scene; and many chaotic ringside shenanigans that defined one tale: MSG's road to domination.

Sandata and Main Maxx defeated the Kakaibros for the PWR Tag Team Championship. The match, however, saw a desperate plot twist as Mr. Sy inserted himself as the special guest referee. MSG aimed to take home the golds --  by hook or by crook and went successful with it thanks to another missing presence. 

We didn't see Poch as the GM and the ring announcer right there. It was only the same iconic guy who introduces the match and its competitors. He can't even establish authority by contest time.   

But to be fair, that misstep may be just another seed planted into his character. That's something we need to find out soon.

The main event was also filled in chaos. It sucks, though, that everyone -- except Quatro -- has their own entourage.  With JDL in Ken Warren's corner, and the current Kampeon Ng Pilipinas Chris Panzer has the MSG on his back, the Light Bringer seemed doomed on this budding pandemonium. 

Despite being chaotic, I'm entertained on how things went by and on how Panzer managed to keep the title.

Other than that, here are some takeaways:

Interesting to see the PHX Championship Matira Matibay match went first. It looked like we're on for a rocky start. 

One bizarre thing, however, is the application of disqualification and count-out rules. It looked like an endurance test of sorts – the last man standing version of a very typical singles match. At some, it even different from its previous reiterations.

Of course, Vlad Sinnsyk emerged victoriously; but it looks like the clash wouldn't be over soon as Sam Baltazar rises to the occasion on behalf of the Network.

Jaye Sera versus Jake De Leon would suit perfectly to start the show instead of being placed in the first match after intermission. 

I have to say I am impressed with Sera, who put up a fight against the former champion. If this was a litmus test, this female competitor passed the JDL level – and close to the OG one. And with a budding feud with Nina already planned, expect this Angas to steal the spotlight even more than she did last year.

Some would say Carlos Zamora vs. Mike Madrigal was the match of the year candidate. It's not that hard to see why – they tore the house down, and JDL vs. Sera came second.

Kapitan Tutan goes in with this tantamount heel heat that would probably remind you of the likes of Tomasso Ciampa. There's a reason why some hailed him as the "Wrestler To Watch Out For."He defeated the visiting Sunny Zhai, and it was a huge step in turning things around, considering the string of losses he had in 2019.

Crystal vs. Martivo was a fun match for a title defense. Gatilyo, on the other hand, continues to be a threat that looms around PWR's tag-team division. He and Dax Xaviera can stave off like gangsters sweeping around the hood. Forget his loss to the Endgame's Jan Evander; GrabCamus's singles career is just about to take off. His heart is just like his size, and indeed he can go to war and drive himself through it.

In case you missed the show, here are the rundown of results: 

MTNH def. Naughty Boys (CNV x JML)
Evan Carleux vs. John Sebastian
"Matira Matibay" PHX Championship: Vlad Sinnsyk (c) def. Chino Guinto 
Dax Xaviera & Gatilyo def. The YOLO Twins
W.L.A.I.K. challenge: Kapitan Juan Tutan de. Sunny Zhai
All Out War Championship: Jan Evander, Pw.D. (c) def. GrabCamus
PWR Tag Team Championship: MSG (Sandata & Main Maxx) def. The KakaiBros (c)
Jake De Leon def. Jaye Sera
MYPW Wrestlecon Championship: Crystal (c) def. Martivo
DWP Heavyweight Championship: "El Guapo" Carlos Zamora (c) def. Mike Madrigal
PWR Championship: Chris Panzer (c) def. Ken Warren and Quatro

All in all, Mabuhay Ang Wrestling was a spectacle of sorts that puts PWR in a solid start for 2020. Just like any other form of entertainment, wrestling may serve as escapism for some; and it indeed became a light of hope for what has been a horrible month of January.

Despite technical difficulties, I admired how PWR stepped up their production work on the Power Mac  Center Spotlight shows (or probably it's because it has been months since the last time I have seen them). 

PWR's first event showcased a stacked card, a festive feel, and several emerging characters: The underdogs have risen despite the losses; somebody appears to have passed the OG test. Challenges have gone to their new extremities, and a new era of domination further ensues.

Plus, with three shows mounted for February, PWR is on the verge of having another breakout year. 

The Verdict: 8/10

Author: slickmaster | © 2020 The SlickMaster's Files

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