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Saturday, February 01, 2020

69 Filipino songs that rocked my life in 2010s (Part 2)

01/30/2020 08:42:56 PM

It's a shame that it took me two months to finish this personal project. I initially had this in mind since late November and worked on the draft by mid-December. Anyway, here it goes... 

Ten years ago, I tried coming up with a list of my favorite songs of the decade here in this blog. Unfortunately, I ended up shelving it as I got more busy with college studies and post-disaster recovery.

But since the past decade has exposed me to a plethora of local goodies, why would I let a chance to write something about it pass, right?

For the better part of the early 2010s, I listen more often to mainstream pop. But thanks to a rap battle league, I still find my dose of local hip-hop. Plus, the fact that I am more fond of alternative rock music made me find some good Filipino tunes at the time, too. 

It took me a little while, though, before watching a live music event in a bar – and that changed my life forever.

11. Otomatik (Pedicab)

It speaks everything frustrating in everyday corporate life. Otomatik is like the Great Escape (sorry Boys Like Girls and Harry Houdini), especially with that music video. Yeah, I don't want to be a robot.

12. K.U.P.A.L. (The Oktaves)

Ely Buendia, Nitoy Adriano, and HILERA  formed a band. They released an album, including this raging pop-rock song that almost went perfect in conveying the message.

13. Katulad Ng Iba (Gloc-9, Zia Quizon)

Even at the post-MKNM days, Gloc-9 makes solid rap music and sells it like hot pancakes. It helped a lot that Zia Quizon sang the chorus of this anti-bullying anthem. It didn't take long for Katulad Ng Iba to be part of the album Liham at Lihim, which also includes Kunwari, Magda, Siga, and Takip Silim.

14. Sick But Not Tired (Hello World)

Most fans would recognize Nani Naguit as one of the on-screen people behind Tales For The Friend Zone. But apart from being a talent, commercial model, director, and an events host, Naguit is also frontman for a band in the early 2010s. They have a music video that featured Ramon Bautista on a cameo.

It sucks that Nani Naguit and the rest of Helloworld is one of the bands that weren't able to reach the Spotify era. And with only one music video published, they wound up like a one-hit-wonder.

15. After All This Time (Itchyworms)

You're probably a gig-goer when you hear this song in the mid-2000s at Route 196. That, and Ayokong Tumanda.

It was so rare for me to hear an English song by the Itchyworms that nails heartbroken fellas in the coffin.

Thanks, Route 196, for my LSS levels just reached an all-time high by then.

It was unfortunate Alalay Ng Hari didn't make it as a single. This under-rated song from the album Mga Kwento Ng Makata tackles Gloc-9's journey from Rizal to Manila.  

Alalay Ng Hari also featured two items: Allan Mitchell Silonga (Daddy's Home) in the chorus, and so many reference bars that made this song a tribute to the late Master Rapper.

17. Here To Own It (LDP)

Lyrically Deranged Poets is one of the trios during the early 2010s hip-hop scene. Here To Own It, however, appears to be their pledge. It looked like a graduation of sorts as each member made their names to the scene later in the decade. Too good to be true, it toppled my previous favorite called Three Years In The Making.

The crime of passion in such a melodramatic form. The intensity was kinda tied up to the subtlety of melody. It's like Inside The Mind Of A Killer met its Tagalog rap edition. No wonder why Mga Kwento Ng Makata was the best Gloc-9 album of all-time.

One fun thing about Maya's Anklet is that it appears to be Josh Villena's melodrama project – as opposed to the danceable pop that's Autotelic. Call it the less-anguish 'emo,' but his works for Maya's Anklet proved how stellar his songwriting skills are, especially at the time when hugot songs are crawling its way to the public's consciousness. 

Kung Alam Ko Lang was quite a standout among them that you would end up breaking down on a rainy day.

And I'm glad they sounded better on recording, unlike Lala. 

20. Hamon Ng Buhay (Chito Miranda/Parokya Ni Edgar)

The first break-up in 2013 was so painful that I end up going elsewhere to catch some air for days. Hence, that's why I wound up watching 10,000 Hours during the Metro Manila Film Festival 2013.

 What's the connection? This song was the premier movie soundtrack. I never honestly thought Miranda would write a serious song – way different from all the 'fun' and 'love' times with Parokaya Ni Edgar.

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