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Monday, April 20, 2020

Gentle Bones and Charles Lim launch collaboration single titled "Two Sides"

04/19/2020 11:00:06 PM

Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim – two of Singapore's most prolific singer-songwriters – teamed up for making the  bittersweet anthem “Two Sides.”

The song marks the third singles released by Gentle Bones this year, following the light and playful tracks, “Why Do We?” and “Be Cool.” Aside from that, this single was released under the brand new label, Yung Lee Records (YLR), helmed by this artist. Amidst the glooming climate of 2020, the release was considered an exciting debut for YLR. 

“Two Sides” literally represents the two sides of every relationship. Bone's soothing bedroom vocals compliments Charlie's smooth, jazzy tones as they a perspective of heartbreak and longing. It is an ode to those going through difficult times with loved ones; showing them that on both sides, there are some things that only honesty with self, one another and time can heal. It starts off with a distinct, lilting beat that introduces the listener to a hopeful but tender mood. Having been a fan of each other’s works for many years, Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim utilized their shared love for the late 90s/early 2000s boy bands by putting their own stamp on it. It is through this sound that listeners were able to enjoy the artists’ beautiful meld of vocal harmonies, designed to bring us on a journey of nostalgia.

“Joel (Gentle Bones's real first name) has a strong sense of melody which made writing and producing this song quite effortless,” explains Charlie. “I believe we’ve come up with a song that perfectly addresses our struggles of the duality we face in both our personal relationships and our strive to touch people with our music,” Bones continues.

Charlie Lim shares, “A lot of the lyrics came from a place of frustration with someone, but also knowing there's a reason why things happen the way they do and why people are the way they are.” Gentle Bones chimes in with, “It all stems from love and a bit of heartbreak to arrive at an understanding that we are all one with our differences.”

True to the artists’ vision, Two Sides serves as an epistle for the lovelorn and lonely, to come together in this trying time where empathy and forgiveness hold currency.

Listen to the track below via Spotify.

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