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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Dan Tristan goes '80s with new single "From Another Life"

08/08/2020 02:47:54 AM

Singer-songwriter Dan Tristan hits the listening platforms anew with his lead single “From Another Life” releasing this Friday (14 August 2020) through Odd Vinyl Records.

The song lets Dan Tristan explore a new sound with predominantly has been influenced by selected elements that comprise 80s music, such as synthesizers, drum machines, dreamy vocals, and poetic lyrics.

“I grew up listening to music from the 80s and I drew a lot of inspiration from it and added a modern twist,” said Dan Tristan.

The singer-songwriter admitted that writing this new song enabled him to explore a new and different-from-usual way of doing so.

“Writing From Another Life was a new experience for me. It is a song about missing the chance to be with someone, thinking about all the what-ifs, what could have happened. It is kind of like a love that transcends the dimensions, you know?” explained Dan Tristan. “ I think a lot of people have that person they used to love, but never really got the chance to be honest about what they felt and the song sort of felt like an alternate ending to a movie, you know, like a window opened to a different reality where you end up together with that person.”

“The writing process for From Another Life was something I haven’t done before. I usually write a song with the melody first, but this time, I built the melody around the lyrics. I wanted it to be a personal experience to my audience, so it kind of ends with a cliffhanger, like there could be a part two to the song, the ending is up to you,” he added.

From Another Life will be part of Dan Tristan's first full-length album which will be coming soon. As he released the track, he hinted a on a lot of stuff to watch out for in the coming months.

“Like every other song in the album, this is the most honest and vulnerable I have been as a songwriter. I wrote about very personal things, failures I’ve made, the lessons I’ve learned, and the whole process of growth,” he concluded.

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