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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Maris Racal releases new track 'Not For Me'

09/22/2020 02:25:06 PM

Maris Racal recently released her new single “Not For Me” under Sony Music Philippines.

Already known as one of the breakout young actresses if her generation, Maris Racal made another big step into her music career by writing her own songs and challenging industry expectations with her intimate and refreshing take on pop music.

Prior to the recent release, Racal has penned the chart-topping confessional “Ikaw Lang Sapat Na” and collaborated with Rico Blanco on the city pop-influenced ditty “Abot Langit.” Now, with Not For Me,  Racal is surprisingly an effective chronicler of love anthems for the modern age—a guitar-toting songstress known for balancing commercial appeal with artistic integrity

Bursting with youthful fervor and charismatic edge, Maris Racal’s latest single “Not For Me” stretches her introspective side of music-making to interesting places, while retaining the accessibility of her recent crossover hits. Her resounding confidence translates perfectly into the musical output, but it’s her conversational and matter-of-fact songwriting style that earns the stripes, revealing a degree of self-assuredness that comes with experience.

In a statement to the press, Racal said she wrote “Not For Me” not so much for intriguing unconventionality, but as an outlet to express herself in a way that feels truthful and inherently raw. The driving piano chords and the soaring arrangements give her storytelling a more authentic spin, lending it an effortless breeziness while making sure it doesn’t lessen the emotional impact of the song. Several names from the Britpop and folk-pop genres such as Aqualung, Lily Allen, and Regina Spektor, became her inspiration in writing this song. 

With “Not For Me” putting a spotlight on her songwriting strengths, Maris Racal explores the complexities of romantic uncertainty with a surprisingly nuanced approach—unfiltered, no longer afraid of possibilities, and ready to own the moment. 

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