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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Alessandra De Rossi joins Lilystars Records

10/11/2020 11:08:49 PM

Just when we thought Lilystars Records had a hot month of releases from their roster of talents, they just gained a star-studded addition in Alessandra De Rossi.

Yes, one of the most sought-after actresses also flaunted her talent as a music artist in the past; and in a press release, the indie music label has signed her – aptly called ADR – and formally announced the re-release of her landmark single, “Make It Better” on the first Friday of this month (2 October 2020). 

Delicately arranged with ethereal soundscapes, trip-hop beats, and New Age-inspired vocals, ADR’s self-penned and self-produced electro-pop number has been given a remastered treatment, making it sound more polished than ever.

Written in as early as 2010, “Make It Better” is a product of its time: a confessional outlet that simmers with disappointment and heartbreak. 

“It’s supposedly written for someone, but maybe I was looking for the exact words that I really wanted to tell myself,” De Rossi said in a statement. “But dedicating it to someone else felt easier. Is it too vague? Don't worry, the feeling is mutual.”

Aside from this song, ADR's debut t record, Adrift will also make its way to several music platforms soon in a remastered format. Initially released in 2012, the 13-track chillout, electronic and ambient album was made available for free download as a zip file. 

“I was told by so many, that no one would buy my music because it’s not pop enough for radio,” said the multi-hyphenate artist. “But it’s 2020: everything is much more accessible, thanks to all online streaming platforms. I'm just really happy that people who don't have access to laptops or computers can now finally hear it through their phones. And skip throughout the whole song, if it's not pop enough.”

Music was once a known hobby for ADR, and dropping old and new music under a record label felt very new to her, despite giving out songs for free since 2008. Before this, she also starred alongside Empoy Marquez in Orange and Lemons' comeback single in over 12 years, “Pag-Ibig sa Tabing-Dagat.” 

“Now under Lilystars, it makes me feel crazy to be lined up with really legit musicians, and I’m still trying to let everything sink in. I don’t know if I should be terrified or very terrified.”

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