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Saturday, October 03, 2020

Gentle Bones releases new track 'dear me'

09/26/2020 01:11:01 AM

Gentle Bones releases a new single in late September under the label Yung Lee Records.

Dubbed as 'dear me,' the new pop and R&b ballad-sounding track highlight our individual inclinations towards the relationship we have with ourselves. This song serves as an exploration that sees self-reflection fray into the plural experience of talking to an inner self, accrediting feelings you’re not sure why you have. 

In the track, the singer-songwriter Bones converses with himself in the mirror, tugging with the war waged by the “boy that never left”. 

The main themes percolating the tracking result from note to self and rather an inquisitive approach to mental health leading to self-discovery. The song envisages the process of understanding repressive parts of us that have lingered since our not-so-great experiences of old. He asks “was it something you said, did you try to tell me,” seeking those elusive and yet intrusive saboteur emotions that have acted out in the past, urging a need for confronting them now. 

His reflective act of internal wayfinding is carried out with bold yet reclusive values, retaining the introspective and insular poise necessary for this quiet moment.  It is this rewarding brand of insight that enables one to self-affirm and move on, closing the unsettling doors of the past. 

‘dear me,’ is reminiscent of the anthemic songs that made you sing along to choruses of yesteryear, invoking the sonic stylings of both old and new school Pop. 

“This is a song written to me. Really just a moment of reflection over the ups and downs in my life over the years and I wanted to encapsulate that into song. Sonically, I've been obsessed with the idea of blending a well-written ballad with hip-hop leaning sounds for a long time and I've finally achieved the perfect balance with this track.”

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