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Friday, October 30, 2020

Naomi G debuts at Umami Records with "Cage The Animal"

10/24/2020 01:45:40 AM

Naomi G had a warm welcoming to the music scene by being part of the Umami Records roster of talents and with the official release of “Cage The Animal”—a gothic pop-R&B tune that chronicles the cycle of abusive and toxic relationships, and how to get away from it triumphantly in order to rebuild one’s dignity.

Merging the broody minimalism of Lorde and Banks with the chameleonic tendencies of artists like Halsey, Naomi G’s debuting track begins rather unassumingly with nostalgic, flatlining keyboards and ethereal soundscapes, and evolves into a vindictive anthem that turns emotional scarring and pain into a source of strength. 

Given that she already seems to have her stylistic stamp on lock, Naomi G is destined to take the world by storm with her bold, assertive take on women empowerment, never treading lightly on important social issues that degrade, discriminate and disrespect people of her kind. It’s an accomplishment worth taking seriously, a statement of self-love and confidence from someone who initially seemed to have lost it all.  

The song  “Cage the Animal” is the lead single for the EP of this new alt-pop musician Naomi G which will be dropped by around 2021 through this SG-based indie music label. 

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