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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Gareth. T mourns in new single November Rain

11/03/2020 03:18:04 AM

Gareth. T talks about the stinging effect of a loved one’s death on his new single “November Rain.”

In its press release through the label Umami Records, the HK-based singer-songwriter and producer lamented on the process of creating the track, citing it as “getting a huge piece of stone off his chest” while letting him the venue to mourn and find the silver lining at the end of the tunnel.

“My uncle passed away from cancer a decade ago. We were so close, and I wish I could see him for just a little longer. He passed in November and the day he was buried it was raining heavily, I thought November rain would be the perfect title.”

Perfectly encapsulating the experience of dealing with the loss of a family member, “November Rain” holds tight to important memories before letting it go forever. There’s more to the song than its sentimental refuge. The production is divine at carving out interesting sonic spaces with ‘90s disco drum grooves and a dash of hip-hop at the helm. It’s meticulously written and arranged with a floating, languid sound in mind.

“This took me 2 years to write,” Gareth.T adds. “I felt every word I sang, from ‘being afraid to put songs about him out in the past, cause it felt like I was saying goodbye’ to ‘not being used to the empty chair on my grandma’s table at Christmas’. Every word I wrote, I meant. I still cry when I listen back to this song.”

Following the release of this emotional track, the prolific Gareth T. isn't slowing down by releasing a new song every four weeks – all while studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

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