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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Meagan Trees talks about vulnerability on new song Take Me Away

11/03/2020 04:13:39 AM

Meagan Trees has recently released a new song titled Take Me Away, a song that brings the understated sense of spontaneity into her storytelling approach about personal awakening.

Through the new single, the Dumaguete-based singer-songwriter reflects on the importance of being vulnerable and taking risks—something that most of us aren't willing to become. Take Me Away was basically written out of late night adventure with a friend. Its production details shows that the song  doesn’t feel like an intuitive concept or a meticulous foray into sound design.

Delicately produced and delivered with heart-stopping quietness and released through Lilystars Records, “Take Me Away” inhabits wisdom beyond years. There’s nothing messianic about it; no platitudes to feed the ego, and no gatekeeping of moral ascendancy to prove a point. What makes the song truly human is that it’s willing to embrace every bit of the experience—be it good or bad, and that there’s beauty in wanting to wake up your inner child and be open to possibilities, no matter where it takes you.

“We went to the beach at 3am and I thought that was such a cool, wholesome, happy experience which then led me to write ‘Take Me Away’ the next day,” said the folk songstress.

“This song was pretty much free flowing,” added Meagan Trees. “A few good friends, Simon and Jorbas, pitched in their ideas, I explained how I wanted this song to feel, and we came up with something very simple yet euphoric. My brother then added the guitar parts which I think made the song very youthful.” 

All in all, the impulsiveness birthed an ethereal folk ballad that’s lovingly spare but filled with emotional resonance, and Take Me Away turned out to be a song that values the ‘journey’ more than the destination itself.   

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