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Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Jaye's Tomorrow returns with a video game

11/03/2020 04:34:15 AM

Halloween is said to the rising of the dead. Well, don't take this literally, but this news of rising again was a very good one as jaye's previously released single just made a comeback this past 31 October 2020.

This time around, 'TOMORROW' didn't only return as a song alone – but also with a game accompaniment. Yes, you read it right: ‘Tomorrow the Game is a hypertextual PC horror game adaptation made by this artist, dedicated to expanding the song's universe. 

The game of the same name will be released free-of-charge for promotional purposes and has inspired good thrill since Halloween along with attendant social media scare cam activations. The mechanics involve you having to rescue your kidnapped bunny from jaye (Tomorrow's Killer clown) and escape a derelict shut-down New York Subway station before getting mauled by him. To find it, you will require the discovery of new tools to progress through the gamescape. Trust your peripherals, as the clown will be trailing you. 

The TOMORROW experience morphs phantasmally from format to format converging into a resonant audio-visual-physically reflexive one at the end. This enables audiences to immerse themselves in an expressionist experience of jaye’s warped world when it was on edge, at an atmospheric level. 

In its own right, game reception has been ahead of its time. In a 1 month pre-release trial, the game garnered over 1K downloads and spawned YouTube reaction videos raking in about 498K invisibility. Likewise, the track democratizes anesthetic mental health-related issues such as suicidal ideation, anhedonia, alter-ego conflict, and disinhibition in a way that prizes emotional experience over the physical. This allows audiences to visualize everything classified as “more than meets the eye” aka in the thick of that inner existential pain, making it less of a one-man terminal feeling but a universally-relatable one. 

In prior gamification history, the artist crystalized his gaming aspirations with an IG filter game linked to his latest single 'ADHD' - which also brought forth a 4-part interactive and somewhat gamified music video. 

As of its press release, TOMORROW has managed to score  1.2 M views on YouTube and the single has 121K streams on Spotify. And most aptly, merch proceeds from the release went to the non-profit Samaritans of Singapore in support of suicide prevention.

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