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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Paper Sattelites release new song, "Towns"

01/24/2021 02:13:29 PM

Paper Sattelites welcomed the new year by being part of a record label, and a new single as the first result of them all.

They may be riding the familiar train for the past five years, but a promising tropical-infused indie rock band from East Manila continues to roll on its dancier, more groove-oriented approach, through its latest single “Towns.” Billed as their debut release under Lilystars Records, Towns balances pop’s pleasure principle with their penchant for guitar-driven hooks, synth-noodling pipes, and big, ecstatic choruses. 
“Sound-wise, we took inspiration from various guitar-based artists such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Two Door Cinema Club, and a bunch of other bands with ‘Club’ in their names,” said vocalist and guitarist Jyle Macalintal. “It was also inspired by the music one hears from small-town festivals.”
Initially, Towns started as a demo helmed by Jyle, whose love for tropical house beats and electronic pop music clearly operates within the track’s sonic spectrum.
“From a production standpoint, it also has a lot of percussive and synth elements that push the song’s festive vibe forward,” explained Macalintal. “We were trying to achieve that for a more contemporary-sounding appeal.”
Lyrically, the song deals with childhood nostalgia and outgrowing certain relationships in the past despite the fond memories that it left behind. Quoting the band’s statement, “Town” was penned at a time when Jyle was still living in Angono, Rizal. 
“It’s about witnessing childhood friends move out of town for work, and move on with their respective lives. It’s a sad reality that some of us had to endure, but it’s part of growing up. We just have to accept it for what it is: a piece of nostalgia, a living memory, an inspiring chapter that’s fun to reminisce from time to time.”
Following this debut material, the indie quartet Paper Sattelittes is on its preliminary phase of their first full-length album, which they described as “intimate musings from the lens of a young adult trying to navigate a world that’s completely untapped and unfamiliar.” in Jyle's words.
“Expect a lot of songs and content coming out from us. Despite the pandemic, we are coming back strong and we’re pretty excited to share new material that we hope our listeners would like.”

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