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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Kaspersky names Chris Connell as new Managing Director for APAC

02/06/21 05:23:29 PM

After welcoming the new year with hopes and predictions, Kasperksy has announced its new managing director for the Asia-Pacific region.

The global cybersecurity company welcomes Chris Connell as Managing Director for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. With the post, Connel will spearhead Kaspersky's business expansion in the region. He will move from his original location (United Kingdom) to its regional office in Singapore. 

He also helms Deputy Vice President of Global Sales for Kasperksy, a post he was initially appointed after his stint as Director of European Operations in February 2020 which saw the reorganization of the company and the eventual boosting the performance there.

Prior to that, Chris joined the company as the GM for UK & Ireland in 2019. 

Overall, Chris has more than 23 years of professional experience in sales and commercial leadership in various companies and across many sectors, including solution selling, consumer, B2B, and channel sales. Prior to joining Kaspersky, Chris’s career was spent at companies such as Ingram Micro Europe and Australia, Tech Data, and IBM.
“I am excited to take up this new leadership role in a region where cybersecurity trends are dynamic but also diverse in terms of needs and development,” said Connell. “While we will continue to deliver tailor-made cybersecurity solutions for both businesses and consumers, it is equally important that we pivot away from the traditional and reactive ‘seek-and-destroy’ approach to an all-encompassing concept of ‘cyber-immunity’ – building an ecosystem where everything connected is protected and secure by design.” 
Kaspersky's appointment of Chris Connell to his new post comes at a pivotal moment for the cybersecurity ecosystem in the region, where sector spending is projected to hit US$28.2 billion by 2022. Data breaches have become increasingly commonplace in the region, with incidents of patient records being stolen from group healthcare institutions, and privacy lapses suffered by tech giants such as online shopping and transportation companies, all occurring over the past year.
“True cybersecurity cannot be achieved in a silo, and the key to building a cybersecurity ecosystem that breaks free from the constraints of operating in different silos is one that is built on integrated and collaborative operations. I am confident that Chris’ wealth of expertise and thorough understanding of global cybersecurity trends will help to build a safer and more transparent environment for all in APAC,” added Evgeniya Naumova, Vice President of the Global Sales Network at Kaspersky.
As the APAC-MD, Connell is expected to lend his expertise to shore up the cyber-resilience of APAC’s healthcare institutions. In addition, the new Kaspeksy executive will look to further develop and continue the growth in both commercial and enterprise cybersecurity, with a strong focus on threat intelligence for industry partners in the digital economy, as well as small and medium businesses (SMBs).

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