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Friday, February 12, 2021

Ritt Momney 'puts the records on' PH with his rendition of '06 Corrine Bailey Rae hit song

02/06/2021 05:48:57 PM

Ritt Momney's rendition of a hit song “Put Your Records On” has become a hit in the country.

The sleeper hit that catapulted the 21-year-old producer and singer-songwriter into global fame, has now reached a top 10 peak on Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 for a week and continues to impact mainstream radio stations, including Monster RX 93.1 (No. 8), and 99.5 Play FM (No. 8). With this warm inception, Jack Rutter, the man behind the Salt Lake City-based music project, is amazed by the attention that his take on the 2006 classic is receiving. 
“I didn’t expect the cover to be anything more than a fun little release in between albums,” Ritt Momney said in a statement. “I was super surprised to see it taking off on TikTok. It’s been the coolest thing ever to see people from other countries enjoying it.”
The hip-hop-flavored, electro-pop tune initially gained significant traction via online video platform, TikTok before it blew up on several music markets worldwide, including a top 10 placement on Australia and New Zealand’s official charts, and a No. 1 peak on Spotify US and Global Viral 50 charts late last year.

Released a few weeks ago, its music video finds Jack Rutter “imagining himself as a future pop star stuck in a psychedelic dreamscape.”

One of the staple hits in the mid-200s, Put Your Records On is a feel-good soul-pop song by Corinne Bailey Rae. In this rework, on the other hand, Momney puts on his trademark lo-fi production while retaining the true form to the pop sensibility of the original work; somehow giving this track a fresh, contemporary spin as a result.
“I really didn’t change much, and I think it’s really important to remember that what makes it good is the songwriting that Corinne and her co-writers did on the track,” said the multi-talented crossover act. “I may have modernized it a bit, but I hope people don’t give me too much credit for that.”
Corinne Bailey Rae, the original artist behind the soulful track, gave the indie rock solo project her blessing in an intimate Zoom chat sometime last year. Like Ritt Momney, her original version became a huge hit when it first came out, peaking at No. 2 in the UK Singles Chart, and becoming a staple in several singing shows across the globe.

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