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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sponge Cola drops music video for new song Siguro Nga featuring Agassi Ching and Jai Asuncion

02/17/2021 12:22:40 PM

A few weeks after officially released as a single, Sponge Cola has now the music video for the song Siguro Nga, and it featured the tandem challenging pranksters-yet-also onscreen and offscreen lovers in Agassi Ching and Jai Asuncion.

Through the visual, the love team of content creators who made their way to stardom with their series of viral videos has portrayed a fictional romantic couple of disarray. The idea of making it, in reality, came for Yael Yuzon whom he describes Agassi as a dear friend whom he plays basketball with every Tuesday.
“I also produced the song he wrote for Jai during the stricter quarantine period through file sharing,” said the band vocalist and guitarist. “I also watch their daily vlogs. On some level, I felt like I was always involved in their love story. It just made sense to cast them.”
The video shows Agassi Ching singing “Siguro Nga” in a neon-lit karaoke bar, while Jai Asuncion is in the very same room with friends, silently crying and hurting inside. Separated by their own version of realities, both characters try to move forward with the changes in their respective lives, albeit having difficulty wiping out their memories together—especially with the song forever binding them in spirit.
“A person's go-to videoke song says so much about who they are and what they are about,” revealed Yuzon. “I'll just leave it at that.” 

Guitarist Armo Armovit shares that the visual treatment focuses on honoring people who are no longer present by living lives with meaning and memory. 
“We want them to feel nostalgia for a person in their past who was a meaningful presence in their lives; sadness for the loss, but also, hope for the future.”
The music video of this StartUp-inspired song also comes with a meta-karaoke version of the track which lets fans sing their hearts out and engage with the narrative.

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