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Saturday, March 20, 2021

SB19 aims for global domination with the real-talk, new-sound defining song "What?"

03/13/2021 05:27:32 PM

P-pop group SB19 recently released a new single that's about to stake their claim to global domination.

With the contagiously larger-than-life sound, the five-men crew's new song What? is pushing the envelope production and songwriting-wise on their latest track, as they command supremacy of P-Pop’s explosion in the global market without resorting to formulaic tricks and pandering to trends.

Steering away from the glossy, dance-pop tunes and anthemic ballads of their previous album Get In The Zone, the acclaimed boy band is transcending the genre that positioned them to become the formidable stars that they are now: comfortable with the convergence of personalities, styles, and influences — while embracing a musicality that is hard to pin down and refuses to be categorized. 
“The song ‘What?’ is really different from what we have done before,” main rapper and lead vocalist Pablo shares in a statement. “This one has a more aggressive take to it compared to our previous songs, so I really had to force out the ‘oomph’ in the voices of the members. I was really meticulous with the recordings, but so were they. That's why we would record 'til morning and until everyone was satisfied with their parts. The feeling had to be there

Paolo, who was also credited as one of the songwriters and producers of SB19’s latest song, reveals that “What?” proves that they’re “not just here to play games or act cool.”
“A lot of people still doubt us, denouncing everything that we do and everything that we're trying to achieve. We love what we do, that's why we do it respectfully,” Paolo admits prior to creating this song. ‘What?’ is about self-love and empowerment. Each of us has our own flag. We should be proud of it and raise it as much as we can. As SB19 and as individuals, we know that we're not the best at everything, but that shouldn't stop us from what we want to achieve.”.
Accompanying the release of SB19's new single is its music video marks a triumphant return to the band’s groundbreaking aesthetic and empowering message, with all its members in battle mode as they claim freedom in a fictional, post-apocalyptic war zone, and exude an aura of power and longevity to go along with its cinematic appeal.

With the formal launching of the single, SB19 also held its live performance on their Facebook and YouTube pages during the same evening (9 March 2021). What? is released under Sony Music Philippines.

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